9 Jun 2014

Texas BBQ pizza party with Dominos.co.uk

When Dominos asked me if I'd tried their limited edition Texas BBQ Mega Melt pizzas, for a moment I completely forgot I was on a diet and gleefully invited my family round to indulge in some cheesey, saucy, meaty goodness...

I needn't have panicked however, because when I looked up the calorie content online, I found that I could still enjoy these tasty new pizza toppings for under 200 calories per slice!  By opting for the chicken topping and the light and delicious thin and crispy base over a hunka chunka deep pan with stuffed crust, the calories saved are enormous - so much so that I could also have a chicken wing or two and a twisted doughball :)

The Texas BBQ Mega Melts range offers two pizza choices - Meatball Melt and Chicken Melt.  I'm not generally a meatball fan, so I ordered that one as a large stuffed crust because I knew the boys would wolf it down and leave my thin and crispy pizza alone!  The Meatball Melt has a Texas BBQ sauce base topped with mozzarella cheese, pork meatballs, red and green peppers, and crispy onions.  As expected, it disappeared pretty quickly and there was even a rush to hoover up some extra crispy onions which had been left in the box!

The Chicken Melt is pretty much the same, but with chicken instead of meatballs.  It has a Texas BBQ sauce base, mozzarella cheese, chicken breast strips, sweetcorn, red and green peppers, and crispy onions.

This was delicious on a thin and crispy base, which I go for even when I'm not worrying about calories because  just prefer it.  I liked that this pizza also had sweetcorn as an additional topping, and I have to agree that those crispy onions are amazing.  It felt like a real treat to have such a tasty dinner after a week of hardcore dieting, and I was so proud of myself for staying within my calorie budget. 

We also nommed on some twisted doughballs, and of course you can't order a Dominos without adding some spicy BBQ wings to the order - they're the best.  Everyone left with very satisfied tummies, and my boyfriend enjoyed the rest of the chicken pizza cold for breakfast the next day - I was jel!

Dominos Texas BBQ Mega Melt pizzas are available now for collection or delivery from dominos.co.uk



  1. Everyone needs a treat night, I said yes to some Chicago Town pizzas because I just saw the words 'complementary pizza' and let's be right you'd have to be a bit mad to turn that down!

    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

  2. Oh god, this post. I'm on a diet as well and my mouth is all watery from the pictures. :( I'd love a pizza, right now.... the thin chicken melt pizza looks extremely delicious!

    1. So yummy! Good luck with your diet hun xx

  3. Omg.....mouth watering post.....xoxoxo...:D


  4. These pizzas look so yummy! I've not tried Dominos much to see if I like it, will have to make an order!


  5. Oh god I could eat these now! We've tried both of them and they are so good! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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