10 Jul 2014

Beauty: My June favourites

In the summer time, when the weather is high, nah nah nah nah nah, it's my Juu-uuune favourites, when the weather's fine, you got women you got women on your mind...

MAC 15 eyeshadow palette in warm - I find it funny how much I've been using this palette.  I bought both this and the cool palette back in March on a bit of a crazed whim after getting off a long-haul flight, and instantly thought I'd made a mistake in getting the warm palette.  Usually warm colours don't suit me, but these seem to and I've been getting so much use from the palette, much more than its cooler cousin!  I think I'm coming around to the idea that not all warm eye colours are bad on me, it's probably just the really yellow and orange toned ones I need to keep away from.  

OPI Push and shove and In true Stefani fashion - I've been very much over having all ten of my nails painted one plain colour lately.  It seems socially acceptable to paint every nail a different colour these days if you feel like it, so I'm making the most of that trend and taking the opportunity to wear as many of my nail polishes as I can!  This combo of metallic silver foil with a glitzy topper makes a lovely accent nail or combination when mixing and matching like I've done here in this instagram snap.

Naked flushed palette in Native - this has just hardly left my face since I got it.  The bronzer is a perfect shade for me without being too dark and obvious, I love a pink blush, and the fact that there's a hi-lighter right there means I've been remembering to bother with that step every day!  This is my perfect summer face in a palette.  My review and swatches are in this post.

Maxfactor facefinity all day primer - it's taken me a while to get into my stride with this primer as it doesn't work with all of my foundations.  As you'll often find, depending on the ingredients of your products and whether they're oil based, water based on contain silicones, they don't all play nicely together.  I've found that this one works wonderfully under Nars sheer glow.  The primer doesn't have that silicone or jelly feel, it actually goes on a lot more like a moisturiser, and it does make my foundation last longer.  

Clinique blush pop in 02 peach pop - a second blush making it into my favourites this month must mean it's summer.  There's something about blush which just has a real summer feel to me and it always has me opting for brighter colours.  When I've not had time to use the Naked flushed palette, or when I've wanted a more laid back look, I've been reaching for this blush pop from Clinique in this lovely peachy coral colour.  I've used this loads and the floral pattern is still embossed on really clearly - little things like that please me!

Flash by Jimmy Choo - I've been wanting to try this perfume for ages, but I always seem to end up wasting my money on something else before I get around to it!  I've finally got it as the lovely guys at Chemist Direct let me pick something from their perfume range.  This is the 100ml size, which is great because I really like the scent so far and the bottle goes nicely on my dressing table.  If you've not tried this one I urge you to give it a sniff - it's a combination of pink pepper, tangerine, strawberry, white flowers, tuberose and powdery woods.  It's a very floral scent, but it's also more grown-up than girly.

Clinique lash power feathering mascara - as it's summer I have been going for a less made-up and full-on look some of the time, and big spidery lashes just don't go with the theme, so my most reached for mascara has been one which gives a more natural flutter.  Don't get me wrong, this isn't a night out mascara for me - I'd always want big and bold lashes for that - but as an every day mascara, this gives my lashes pretty definition and colour without weighing them down or clogging them up.  

Too faced melted lipstick in melted peony - I'm obsessed with pink lips lately.  The products keep changing but the colour does not!  This liquid lipstick from Too Faced has a dreamy texture which actually does seem to melt into the lips, and it lasts really well too.  Plus the shade is called melted peony, how could I resist my favourite flower?

Collection illuminating touch brightening concealer - when I first bought this I didn't like it.  Now this is my second tube and I'm featuring it in my June favourites.  Odd how our opinions change isn't it?  For me what I'm using this for and what I expect from the product has changed, and that's why I now like it.  I noticed that heavy concealers were making my eye area look dry and horrible, so now I'm going for much lighter products in both colour and texture and I'm aiming to brighten more than to conceal.  This little pen does exactly that, plus it's cheap (£4.99) and it last for ages and ages.  

Nars sheer glow foundation in santa fe - as I mentioned when I was talking about facefinity, Sheer Glow was the one which 'fit' when I was trying out the primer, and I fell back in love with this foundation.  I bought my second bottle a few months ago but hadn't started using it yet as something else was doing the job well for my skin at the time.  Typically, as the weather has changed so has my skin, and the trial and error process goes around again, but luckily Sheer Glow has been the answer - for now...

Hands up who now has "In the summertime" in their head?  If not, here you go!



  1. I so want that MAC Palette. The shades are absolutely beautiful, I love the bottom row in particular! xx


  2. Wow!! You have ahhmazing bunch of favorites. Need to order my naked flushed palette, its a true beauty.

  3. Nice picks. Eyeshadow palette looks great...:)


  4. That embossed flower on the blush is so cute!
    I've been eyeing "Peach Pop" over here, too.

  5. Peach Pop is one of my favourites too!


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