11 Jul 2014

Food: Healthy chocolate pancakes recipe

Yep, you read that right - these are healthy chocolate pancakes!  Well, healthier than a traditional chocolate pancake recipe at least!  I've been calorie counting for the last six weeks or so ( with varying success and aiming for 1,200 calories a day) to help me reduce what I'm eating and pay closer attention to which foods I choose and how much energy they contain.  
I follow a lot of 'clean eating' and fitness accounts on Instagram and I kept seeing the most amazing stacks of delicious looking protein pancakes.  Now my understanding of those is that while they might be good for you, they're not actually low in calories and are eaten by people who are doing lots of exercising - count me out of those then!  So I went searching for reduced calorie pancake recipes with alternatives to the usual fattening ingredients and no protein powders, and found this amazing chocolate brownie pancakes recipe on Pinterest and from a blog called Amy's healthy baking.  

Now I'll let you pop over to Amy's blog for the recipe, but what you need to know about these pancakes is that they taste absolutely amazing and you can eat this whole stack for 253 calories!  The recipe is gluten and sugar free if you follow it exactly.  

As I'm just interested in the calorie content, I skipped the special flours in the recipe and used normal plain flour, as I've found so far that all flours seem to contain the same amount of calories give or take.  I also didn't use Splenda and substituted for a sugar alternative called Total Sweet which I bought at Whole Foods.  I bought my applesauce at Whole Foods too, as you need the unsweetened kind.  The apple sauce we can find in the supermarket condiments aisle in the UK (usually to eat with roast pork) isn't the same and contains lots of sugar.  I also added some strawberries and a few dark chocolate chips just for fun, so they're not included in the 253 calories, but I don't think they add too much.  

I can't believe how well these pancakes turned out - they're possibly the nicest pancakes I've ever had and I did not expect that from something I considered to be a 'diet recipe'!  

I'm definitely going to try more of the healthy recipes I've pinned on my Pinterest boards after the success of these pancakes, especially ones with applesauce - I couldn't even taste it and it just gave the pancakes a lovely fudginess. Mmmmm.

Do you follow any blogs with great low calorie recipes?  Please leave me links!



  1. Wow they look so good! Only 253 calories? Well, I think I might make these for Breakfast today! x

    The Sunday Chapter

  2. They look so so tasty and for only 253 calories how can you go wrong! I need to make myself some of these x

  3. They look so tasty and yummy....:)


  4. Yum Yum I'll def be giving these a go! I've been eating the egg & banana pancakes (will blog my recipe soon) but these look like a lovely alternative! x

  5. These look and sound amazing! I'll have to give these a go myself :) x

    Sarah @ sarahlouxo.com xx

  6. I'm so happy you enjoyed my pancakes Gemma! I love your addition of chocolate chips and strawberries. That's one of my favorite sweet flavor combinations, so I really want to try that! :)


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