16 Jul 2014

Skincare: Glamglow Thirstymud review

Glamglow's youthmud is one of my all time favourite products and I'm constantly recommending it to people as a mask that really does what it says on the tin (jar).  So when I heard Glamglow were releasing a new hydrating mask called Thirstymud, I couldn't wait to slather my face in it.

Glamglow say Thirstymud uses their most advanced hydration technology for deep, instant and extreme hydration which will give short, medium and long term results.  They use snazzy new terms like 'Dewdration' which really make it sound like the answer for skin with any dehydration and dryness issues.  It can be used as a quick 10 minute mask, an overnight mask, and it's recommend for leaving on for the duration of a long flight.  

On opening the shiny blue jar I was quite surprised to see a caramel coloured creamy product.  I think I just had 'mud' in mind and expected something which looked more like Youthmud - I'm not complaining though, the treatment has a lovely light texture and a gorgeous cocoa butter type smell.  For my first try of Thirstymud I tried leaving it on overnight.  It works well as an overnight mask as it has a thick enough consistency that it stays where you put it and absorbs slowly.  The following morning after using the mask, I have to say I was a bit disappointed.  I couldn't really spot any difference or tell that I'd worn a hydrating mask over-night.  Sad face.  

The next time I used the mask was as part of a Sunday afternoon bath time pamper.  I always like to use a face mask when I have time for a long bath, and Youthmud is usually the mask I go for as it's my favourite and does amazing things to my skin.  I decided I'd pair up the two Glamglow masks, which turned out to be a pretty genius manoeuvre.  These two masks work so well together!  Although Youthmud brightens my skin, removes dead skin and generally makes it look smoother and clearer, it can also leave my face feeling a little sore sometimes, as I like to give a good scrub when I take it off!  But, that seems to be the perfect skin state for Thirstymud to jump in and re-plump, calm and re-hydrate my skin.  After using both the masks my skin really looked better than it's done in ages!

I'm not sure how I feel about this result, as Thirstymud is not cheap at £49.99, and Youthmud is the same price.  I think I'd be happier if I'd seen more of a result from Thirstymud on its own, but it works so well with Youthmud that I'll probably be getting myself a back-up jar.I bought my jar of Thirstymud from lookfantastic.com with 30% off so it was £34.99, which is a much more purse friendly price.  It's still on offer now, and youthmud has 30% off too.  

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  1. oh my, i'm not sure i would purhcase a face mask for that price! Unless it had skin miraculous gold particles! hehe :)

    Lots of love, Ana


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