19 Aug 2014

Beauty: New from KIKO - the Daring Game collection - review and swatches

I've become quite the KIKO fan in recent months, and I love that they often release special limited edition, themed collections.  The latest is the Daring Game collection, and I think it's one of their best yet.  Daring Game is inspired by Bond girls, so there's a lot of casino theming going on.  It immediately puts me in mind of Vegas and makes me wish I was going back this year!

I've been sent a selection of the products to play with, and as usual with KIKO, tonnes of thought has gone into the packaging to tie everything in with the theme of the collection.  In particular I love the blush box which looks just like a pack of playing cards, and the nail polishes have lids like dominoes.

This is the Golden Game sculpting bronzer in the shade 02 Precious Sienna - it also comes in a paler shade.  This is one of my favourites from this collection - I love the sturdy little compact with the pretty embossing on the front, and the product itself is gorgeous too.  In this version you get two shades of bronzer and a shimmery high-light colour too.  Also here you can see the Daring Game face brush which is a lovely big fluffy face brush designed to work with the sculpting palette.  The darker bristles are to use with the bronzer and the lighter ones with the high-lighter.  I just think it looks so cool - like Cruella de Vil's hair!

The range also includes some similarly packaged blush duos called Top Pairs blush which I recommend you check out - they look amazing.

There are also six new lipstick and lipliner shades in the collection - they're all mainly red and berry coloured shades, which seems very apt for a collection inspired by Bond Girls, and perfect for autumn and winter too.  These are the matching Ace of Diamonds lipstick and Ace of Diamonds lip pencil in shade 27 - Radiant Burgundy.  I don't usually take the time to use a lip liner, but I know I should if I really want a lip look to last, so being able to get the lipstick with the exact matching lip liner is great, as choosing two which work together can always be a bit of a minefield!

Onto the eye products, firstly I've swatched the All-In Eye Marker and Kajal which is a dual eneded eye liner.  The kajal end is a soft and smudgy sort of liner intended for rimming your waterline, and the other end is a deep black felt tip liquid liner for cat eyes and flicks on the upper lid.  I like the idea of having both products in one, as if I'm going to line my entire eye, I always need to reach for two products as what stays in place on my waterline won't stay put on my lid and vice versa.  

Next I've swatched two of the Mystery smoky eye pencils in the shades 2 Extraordinary Sapphire and 4 Gritty Ivy - these come in six different shades.  I like the elongated gold lids on these, which keep the pencils well protected.  The pencils have a smooth and blendable texture, and they also come with a handy brush at the other end of the pencil which is good for smoking it all out.  

Lastly in these swatches are two gorgeous eye colours - the Colour-Up Long Lasting eye shadow.  I have the shades 8 Sinuous Shell and 11 Charming Champagne.  The colours are beautiful and swatch well, but on my eyes I've found it hard to get the colour to really show up.  I think the formula may not like my oily lids!  The best way for me to apply these seems to be on top of a powder shadow and by applying with my fingers rather than directly from the bullet.  They are lovely colours, so worth the application effort, and I imagine the darker ones would be more pigmented.  

And finally I've been playing with these cutesy dice / domino nail polishes which are called Poker Nail Lacquer.  The pink is called 02 Irresistible Orchid, and the black is 06 Slick Bluenoir.  There are six different shades in the collection, and the two I've tried are really opaque and super glossy.  The domino lids come off revealing a normal lid underneath, so the brushes are easy to hold like a normal KIKO polish.  

The KIKO Daring Game collection is available now in KIKO stores and at Kikocosmetics.co.uk
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  1. OMG, major lemming! Lol. I've read so much about Kiko on Makeupalley. <3
    This collection truly is the best I've seen thus far.

  2. I love the look of the dice top nail polishes & the due black & white brush. So cute.

    Hayley x

  3. I love the look of this collection. The casino kind of theme could have been really cheesy but I think they've done really well and I love the packaging. I've seen the blushes pop up elsewhere and they look so pretty x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

  4. Looks great :) I love your blog and I have followed you with Bloglovin and GFC, if you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would be delighted, thanks! Best wishes.

    Camille xo


  5. Great review! I really wanna try the Golden Game sculpting bronzer, I think it's great :) xx

  6. Oooh check that brush out! :) x

  7. I'm not quite sure I can resist these.
    They're absolutely gorgeous.

    Ray xo
    [ ToySaturn ]

  8. That brush is amazing - I had to double take, I was like whuuuut ;) really want to try Kiko

    Fern @ www.fernlaura.blogspot.co.uk

    x x x


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