27 Aug 2014

Hair: Tony & Guy Extreme Volume Rollers. Let's get bouncy.

Well blow me down, two hair posts in as many weeks?! I'm not known for my hair skills, so I shy away from hair related blogging most of the time, but when I come across tools which make the whole experience a whole lot easier, it's time to share. Heck, someone might even mistake me for knowing what I'm doing!  Cue the awkward hair selfies...

The rollers I've been playing with were sent over by Toni & Guy - they're the Salon Professional Extreme Volume Rollers.  You can use these little guys in several different ways depending on whether you're trying to achieve curls or add more volume at the roots.  This Toni & Guy youtube video shows how to use the rollers to lift the roots (and it's pretty easy to follow), but I think my hair's a bit too long to achieve the same thing, and I prefer the ends of my hair really curly, so I've gone for a big, bouncy curls kinda thing.

The first thing I need to tell you about these is how easy they are to use. Doing my hair is not a natural skill I was born with, and I lack patience, so complicated dos are not for me. These rollers however are fool-proof. They heat up at the flick of the switch and are ready to go in about two minutes. They're not too hot to touch (just don't position them right on your ears!) and the soft velvety coating makes it easy to roll your hair around them. Once rolled up, you just attach the clip to hold the roller in place and wait for the curlers to cool.

I always try to absorb lots of hair tips whether it's from youtube, magazines or hairdressers, and a couple popped into my head when I was trying these rollers, so I thought I'd give them a go. I waited for the rollers to be completely cooled down before I removed them - that took about 20 minutes - then I gave my whole head a little blast with my hairdryer on the cool setting just to be sure. As I removed each roller (which you do by just releasing the clip and gently unwinding your hair) I caught the curl in my hand, kept its shape and secured it with a bobby pin like a little pin curl. My hair is the kind of texture which doesn't really hold a curl well at all, so this adds some extra support to the curls and I found it helped them to continue to form once, and once unravelled, they lasted longer.

Even though I had the additional four large rollers from the refill pack, I still didn't have enough rollers for all of my hair - a standard problem I find with any curlers I try. If your hair's not as long, or not as thick, the standard amount of rollers would probably be fine, but I could have done with another pack of the refills! To get around this, I just re-used a few rollers as I was going along, which was fine as they heat back up really quickly.  

I was really impressed with how much bounce my hair had from the finished result - there's nothing more annoying for me than spending half an hour or more with curlers on my head to have just the ends slightly curled under! These rollers managed to really inject a lot of volume and curl, and I think my extra pinning trick worked well with them too :)

The Toni & Guy Salon Professional Extreme Volume Rollers cost £60 from Very.co.uk and they'll also be stocked at Argos and Boots soon.
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  1. Looks fantastic Gemma! I never get that bounce :(

  2. Your hair looks amazing! :)

    Emily x // EmGrace

  3. Oh I love these bouncy curls. it suits you.


  4. Wow, I love the loose waves effect, seriously!
    This kit might work for me...I have such thin hair that probably all of the rollers will fit my head. :-/ Lol.

  5. Hair style is looking wonderful and hard working is showing in these hairs to make this style. check some Hair styles


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