12 Sept 2014

Beauty: August favourites by Karis


Hey there, I'm Karis from the blog Beautybykaris and today I'm taking over Flutter and Sparkle, while the lovely Gemma takes some time off. As it is the end of the month I thought it would be fun to talk about my favourite beauty products from August. I always love reading these kind of posts, but it never helps my bank balance and just adds to my never ending wishlist.

Being August, my favourites all seem to be geared towards great summer skin, and summer scents. Unfortunately after loosing my natural tan from my holiday to Rhodes *sad face*, I had to start applying the fake stuff, I was determined to remain as golden as I could, for as long as I could. I've tried many tans in the past, from St Moriz, St Tropez, to Rimmel, but what I love about my Xentan Mousse, is the subtlety, and glow that you get after just one application. I always prefer a mousse formula, I think its easier to apply and I can clean up any patches or mistakes quite quickly with a pat of a mitt. The thing that makes Xentan one of my 'go to' tans, is not only the colour but the scent. I kind of like that biscuity smell you get from most self tan products, but Xentan have gone that extra step and added a gorgeous vanilla fragrance to their solution, an ideal summer scent. I get a lot of compliments when I wear Xentan, and a lot of people are quite shocked when I tell them it's actually a fake tan, (I think most people only link fake tan to that orange, 'tangoed' look).


After years of being very faithful to Benefit Hoola I have finally taken the steps to venture outside my Benefit comfort zone, and purchased a different Bronzer. Spending ages swatching lots of eye shadows and lipsticks, being drawn in by all the counters fancy packaging and dazzling lights, I ended up at Bobbi Brown and made the plunge leaving with their 'Natural' bronzing powder. And I didn't think I would say this, especially quite so soon, (I feel like I am betraying Hoola) but I absolutely love it. It gives a gorgeous, silky soft, bronzed matte look to my skin, (No shimmer here thanks). It gives my face a great sun kissed look, perfect on top of my Xentan skin, and I'm just enjoying trying out a new brand, (I mean what beauty blogger doesn't).


A couple of weeks ago I reviewed the incredible King of Skin on my blog and after attending a Lush blogger event Friday, I have not only returned home with two more bars, but the King of Skin Bar has also made its way onto my monthly favourites. And I'm just going to put it out there, but it is probably going to be one of my most loved products of the year, (Yes I said it). I don't know how long it's been around for, but I've only known and used it in the last couple of months, and I can not tell you enough how amazing this bar is for your skin. It feels so indulgent, pampering and luxurious, like nothing else I have used before. It beats all moisturisers hands down. Not only by smell but by the silky soft feeling it leaves on your skin. I just wish Lush did a bigger version, as these little bars run out very quickly.


Finally, the fragrance of the summer has to be Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream I have seen pretty much every beauty blogger on my Instagram with it, and after getting one from my sister for my birthday this month, I am hooked. My mum had been telling me for a while that it was definitely my kinda scent, and I must say she is always right. I have been running low in the perfume department recently so it's nice to have something new to fill up my dresser. Daisy Dream is a lovely floral perfume, very feminine, with blackberry, grapefruit and pear top notes, (Not that this means much to me). I usually go for quite a strong smell like YSL Elle, or Paco Robanne, so this is a great and gorgeous alternative. Have you had a sniff?


I hope you have enjoyed reading my rambles on, I would love to know what products you have been loving this month? Why not tweet them to me over at @Beautybykaris
Lots of Love, KBxx

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  1. I had the chance to try Daisy Dream last month! It was very pretty, but I think that my favorite is still the original Daisy. :o)


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