18 Sept 2014

Beauty: Keeping the summer glow

As I always go on holiday quite late into the year, I'm never quite ready to let go of summery makeup looks when I get back.  Sunny holidays inspire me to switch up my makeup to a more bronze and glowy affair, and as the weather's pretty amazing here in London for late September, I'm sticking with it.

Although I'm very good about using a high factor on my face and wearing sunglasses and sometimes a hat on the beach, I still pick up a bit of a tan on my face in places.  When I've got that bit of a glow I always feel more confident about my skin and don't need as much coverage as usual.  On holiday and now I've been using the new Garnier BB creme + Blur and it's perfect.  I have the shade medium which is a little bit darker than I need, but it's perfect for right now and I love the blurring technology which helps take the focus away from some of my imperfections.  Along with this I've just been using an illuminating concealer under my eyes which is the Instant Light perfector from Clarins.

They key products to this glowy look are these summer bronzers from Bourjois.  I've been using both the Délice de Poudre gold bronzing powder and the Délice de Poudre bronzing powder & highlighter together.  The highlighter is beautiful for adding a soft glow, and I'll contour normally with the matte bronze and then go in with a bit of the gold bronzing powder mainly on my cheeks and temples, going as gold as I can get away with!  

I've been obsessed with my Too Faced chocolate bar palette, and right now the two golden shimmery colours.  I especially liked applying these wet if I wanted a more intense look for night time on holiday.

Pink and coral glossy lips seem to compliment my glowy look really well, and my favourites to go for have been the Gosh lip lacquer in crispy lips and this OCC stained gloss in off world.   I think crispy lips is an awful name for a lip product (who would want crispy lips?) but I love the formulation so much - it's very very liquidy as you can also use the colour on your cheeks and it gives the perfect full on but somehow sheer pop of colour.

Finally I get to wear my Models Own polish for tans with a tan!  Sun hat is my favourite shade, and having this on my nails continues to brighten my day and remind me of my holiday.

My last little summer glow keeping trick is to use the summery-ist scents just to make you feel like you still have the summer vibe.  I love this shimmer body spray from Bath & Body Works - I've been hoarding this since I bought it on a freezing New York day in March, and now's just the time to get spritzing.  It has a to die for tropical coconut scent.  

And even down to my slightly obsessive use of anti-bac gels, we're summer themed with Island White Pineapple also from Bath & Body Works.  Sorry to be mentioning products we can't get in the UK, but I love B&BW.  You can sometimes pick up some of their bits on ebay.  

Are you still clinging on to your summer glow, or have you given in to autumn?



  1. WOWEE! That nail colour is divine! I want the whole nail polish for tans range. X

  2. I am so over Summer and ready for Autumn! :o) I hope that BBW will open in the UK one day soon. I don't know why they wouldn't.

  3. They really should, we have nothing like it here!


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