24 Sept 2014

Beauty: New from Urban Decay - Naked Basics 2

I'm a bit (a lot) of an addict when it comes to Urban Decay's naked range - I love nice simple nudes, dusky taupes and smoky neutrals, so the palettes never disappoint me.  The Naked Basics original palette and I have been friends for a very long time now - as evidenced by the actual state of my palette which you'll see in a mo - but I'm ready to branch out with some new colours which still fit nicely into the original theme.  Enter the utterly dreamy Naked Basics 2...

The packaging is the same compact affair as the original, the large mirror is still there and the layout is also the same - six shades graduating from light to dark with five mattes and one shimmery high-light colour.  Everyone's saying that Naked Basics 2 is more cool toned and Naked Basics 1 is warm - I don't disagree with that, but for me what stands out more is that the colours in Naked Basics 2 are a little deeper, darker and more intense.  

Comparing the two side by side (sorry that my original is so well loved!) with Naked Basics 2 on the top and the original Basics on the bottom, you can see that the first shade in the original is much paler than the first shade in Basics 2, and Basics 2 continues to have darker shades until you near the end of the palette.  

If I had one criticism of the original Basics, it's that it had maybe one too many really pale shades, and they were my least used.  Naked Basics 2 skips the super light shades and heads straight for those medium nudes and taupes - this time it's shades two and three - stark and frisk that I think will get the most use from me.  Either on their own when i just want a quick out the door look, or maybe as a base for something more intricate.  Naked 2 was my favourite shade from the original palette, and now Frisk is a great contender to take the top spot.  

Faint from the original palette became a much loved brow colour for me, so I'm happy to see that Primal makes a good brow option in the new palette too.  I know I'll use both palettes together and don't need to choose between them, but maybe for travelling I'll need to make a decision, so it's good that the new version still offers the same versatility as the first palette.  

The original Naked Basics palette.

Naked Basics 2.

And finally some swatches side by side (Naked Basics on top and Naked Basics 2 underneath) to give you an idea of the differences between the two palettes.  If you asked me which is my favourite I'd struggle to tell you.  Right now it's Naked Basics 2 because it's new and exciting, but I still love the original and will keep using them both depending on what colours I feel like wearing and I'm happy to make a space for both in my collection.  

My Naked Basics 2 palette came from the US because I just couldn't wait to get my hands on it, but I've heard it'll be launching in the UK on 1 October priced at £22 and I expect it'll be at all of the usual stockists such as Debenhams, House of Fraser and Look Fantastic.  

Are you planning to add Naked Basics 2 to your collection?



  1. I can't wait for it! Unfortunately Lookfantastic doesn't stock Urban Decay's products anymore...

    1. Oh no really? They still have some on there at the moment so I didn't know that :(

  2. Omg! Its gorgeous! I can't wait to get one. I flipping love my naked basics, I wear it nearly everyday! Haha xx


    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who's crazy in love with these palettes! :)

  3. ohh I can't decide. I know lots of people think it looks like a boring palette but I actually think it looks nice, I just don't know whether matte shadows actually suit me or not!

    Jade x
    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

  4. I need to pick this up soon. I really love all the Naked palettes. I need them all!


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