29 Sept 2014

Beauty: September favourites

It's nearing the end of the month already, so time to have a look at my most loved products.  I was on holiday for part of the month, but it feels odd to still be talking about summer products, so this selection is a bit more like what I've been using and loving since I got back.  I think I'm properly ready to transition into autumn now, so maybe next month they'll be some berry lip and nail colours in the mix with other darker, warmer things!

Zoella beauty make up bag - let's get the slight cheat out of the way first, as I've only owned this for a few days, but it makes it into my favourites because it's so so cute!  I know Zoe's range of sweet and pretty bath and shower products is probably aimed at girls less than half my age, but I couldn't resist getting this pink, guinea pig makeup bag, and I already love it.  Zoella beauty is out at Superdrug and feelunique now.

MAC Fix+ - I'm more than half way through my first bottle and I'm already getting a bit anxious about the need for a back-up.  I spent years pondering whether or not to try this stuff, and I'm so pleased I finally did.  For me I don't think this necessarily keeps my makeup in place much longer, it's the finish it gives to my makeup which I really like.  It sort of helps blend everything together, and it can rescue an over-powdered, cakey face in seconds.  

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream - my absolute favourite perfume at the moment.  This hardly needs any explanation.  The bottle is straight up beautiful, and the scent is another lovely twist on the original - what's not to love?

Hydraluron moisture boosting mask - my skin has been really dried out since my holiday, despite whacking on the spf, sunglass and a hat!  These masks are now my go-to remedy for any time my skin is dry and sad - they instantly provide so much moisture and plump your skin right back up.

Maybelline color tattoo tough as taupe - I've had this hanging around in a drawer for ages, and I only just pulled it out and started using it this month.  I don't know why I waited so long because this is just the perfect lazy day eye product.  You can apply it with fingers or a brush and it has such a smooth texture that it glides on really easily and blends in with hardly any effort.  It lasts a long time and this shade is my ideal taupey-neutral.  I think I'll be checking these out in some more shades - although I'm not sure if the one I have is US only? 

Beauty bay cuticle oil - I'm not sure whether to also blame the sun and my holiday for this one, but my cuticles are really dried out and raggedy lately.  I've been applying this cuticle oil non-stop, and it's really helping.  It comes in a nail varnish style bottle with a brush, which makes it easy to apply the right amount exactly where you want it, and it smells lovely and lemony too.

Anastasia brow wiz - I'm struggling to remember how I lived without brow wiz.  This is such a hyped product that when I bought it I did wonder if I was throwing my money at just an overpriced brow pencil, but no, there's some sort of witchcraft in that skinny little tube!  I'm terrible at brows, and somehow with this, I manage to get it right almost all of the time.  It has a crayon at one end and a spooly at the other, and the intensity of the colour and the thickness of the nib all seem to work together perfectly to make every stroke look really natural.  Opposed to the dip brow pomade, which I'd say gives much more dramatic brows (unless you're more of an application expert than me!), this gives an everyday good brow.  

Urban Decay naked basics 2 - as you might have seen from this post, I managed to get my hands on Urban Decay's latest naked offering at the end of August as my brother picked it up for me in the US, and I love it just as much as the original, if not more.  My favourite shade at the moment is frisk, which is a lovely cool taupe.  I'd heard the release date for this in the UK was 1 October, but I'm seeing it available on the UK Urban Decay site now!

Glamglow thirsty mud - similar to my reasons for putting the hydraluron masks in my favourites this month, thirsty mud has also been my saviour.  I was slightly underwhelmed when I first got this as I expected the same magic I get from Youth Mud, but since I've started reaching for this as an over-night treatment, I've been much more impressed.  I think you get better results (and value!) from this the longer you leave it on the skin, so I now only use it at night.

Beauty bay detangling brush - I've dropped my normal huge paddle brush in favour of these bright little gadgets from Beauty Bay.  They're detangling brushes similar to a tangle teezer, but I prefer the shape of these ones and the end elongates into a handle which I find easier to grab onto.

Are any of these products your favourites too?  



  1. Lovely post and products hun. I can't wait to get my hands on Zoella's range. Its a nice touch of color and freshness all around. Thank you for sharing

    D, x


    1. Thank you!

      It's great that they're in Superdrug - you can have a look and a sniff before you buy :)

  2. I need to get myself a tangle teaser... my hair gets so tangled.

    1. Hah! Well that's what they're good for :)

  3. I loveeee the UD Basics 2 Palette, it's such a gorgeous palette xx
    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  4. I keep feeling like I need to try MAC Fix +. I guess £10 for the small one isn't too bad so I guess I should bite the bullet! xx



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