23 Sept 2014

Skincare: Hand and feet treats from Weleda and KIKO

I'm raising my at-home mani / pedi game thanks to this latest drop of hand and feet treats from Weleda and KIKO.  This arrived at the perfect time just before my holiday, when I was gearing up to get myself beach ready - or thereabouts!  

For nails I've been trying out the KIKO Nail Polish fixer which is a great cheat for getting your nail polish dry in super-quick time.  Especially good if you're painting your nails before bed and want to avoid the dreaded duvet-imprint nail art trend.  And also this glass nail file which is also from KIKO.  I've not used a glass file for absolutely years - not since dropping the one I had onto a hard floor and breaking it :(.  I'd forgotten how nice it is to use a file which practically never runs out and stays rough and ready for all those nail emergencies, because I am always breaking  nail.  

To keep my hands and cuticles soft and in the best possible condition, I've been treating them to this Weleda citrus hand cream which has a lovely (you guessed it) citrussy scent.  My boyfriend won't steal my Weleda hand creams for the exact reason that I love them - they're like a cream and oil mix, which gives you a pretty heavy-duty punch in the moisture department and gives your hands a really good protective coating - he's just scared of the slight oiliness you get before it's all sunk in.    

I also gave the KIKO intensive hand gloves a try before my holiday.  They look like the gloves you put on when you're dying your hair, but they actually contain a deeply hydrating formula to indulge your hands in an amazing moisturising treatment.  You can keep these on for as long as you like or even overnight to amplify the effects.  My mistake was using these before my holiday - I wish I'd had them 'on hand' when I got back, as that's when I really could have done with some deep hydration - I somehow managed to burn my hands a little - I think from reading my Kindle in the pool - and they're not looking their best, so I definitely need to get myself another few pairs of these.

Not forgetting the feet, I've also been trying out two new products to keep me flipflop ready as and when the opportunity arises.  My boyfriend tells me I walk with my heels and need to try to walk more on my toes - apparently this is why I can get dinosaur heels after one day, whereas his are always baby soft and smooth!  I don't know about his theory, but it is true that no matter how well I've attacked my heels with my foot buffer, that horrible flakey-cracky look can start to come back within a day or two! It can be a bit much to attack my heels with the foot buffer constantly, so in between I've been using the KIKO hand & foot stone scrub.  This is really good for ridding yourself of those horrible little flakey bits, and it leaves your soles clean and soft, although I must say if I was dealing with 'winter feet' - you know what I mean - this might not be up to the challenge as it is a more gentle approach to the situation!  

The Weleda foot balm is a perfect partner for post-scrubbing whether it's with the stone scrub or a foot buffer - it moisturisers, calms and soothes and it leaves an almost powdery, almost chalky finish on my heels that makes them look and feel even smoother.  If I'm in a rush and could do with a little bit of a buff or scrub but haven't got the time, applying a splodge of this is a great quick fix before popping on my sandals. I've never tried a foot cream / balm quite like this, and it's up there with my best finds of the year - certainly one I'll keep repurchasing.  

What are your favourite hand and feet treats?



  1. The hand and foot stone scrub sounds like something I would quite like, also the nail file is to die for and its in my favourite colour! xx

    Charli | Secrets Behind The Closet Door

    1. I'd almost forgotten glass nail files existed - so happy to have rediscovered them!

  2. I'm all about scrubs and cream! I scrub every 2 days, and in between, I use Argan oil around the cuticles of my toenails & finger nails. :o)

  3. I love the look of the Intensive hand gloves. That's the sort of thing I would wear overnight in bed at home but I think my boyfriend might be slightly concerned if I got into bed at his with those on!

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

    1. Haha yes! They're lovely, but not the most attractive! :)


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