1 Oct 2014

Christmas: Beauty advent calendars for 2014

The past week or so has seen a series of exciting releases in the beauty world - it's advent calendar time!  Any excuse to talk about Christmas early and I'm all over it - I can't help it, Christmas makes me happy, and I'm very excited to decide which doors I want to be opening for beauty treats throughout December.  This year's offering looks better than ever, but in some cases it's also the priciest!  Let's start off gently, with the calendars costing under £50...

L'Occitane advent calendar £45 - from 3 November 
Yankee candle advent calendar £22.99 - available now
Boots No7 25 days of beauty secrets  £35 - from 29 October 
Ciate mini mani manor £49 - available now

L'Occitane's calendar includes a really good mix of some of their most popular products, and it looks like pretty good value for the selection and the sizes, but you do only get 13 treats and not 24!  Yankee's mini candle calendar, although not really beauty related, just had to be included in this round-up.  I think this one's so much prettier and more appealing than the one they released last year, and I'm quite tempted to get it as it's only £22.99.

The Boots calendar this year is dedicated to No7 products, and they say it contains £130 worth of skincare and makeup, so another good deal if you like all of those products.  

Lastly in the under £50 category, and the one I'll be purchasing without a doubt this year, is this mini nail polish filled cutie from Ciaté.  I think Ciaté were early takers on the beauty advent calendar trend back in 2012 - I didn't get involved until last year, but I was so pleased I did and loved getting a little mini polish every day until Christmas.  

Selfridges enchanted spells £85.50 - from 2 October 
Benefit candy-coated countdown £60 from 16 October
Liberty advent calandar £149 - from November
Jo Malone advent calandar £250 - from 1 October 

Okay, deep breath, things are about to get expensive!  I can't deny that I'd happily tear into each one of these with absolute delight each December morning, but anything passing the £50 mark for an advent calendar does seem a little too much too me.  Although, we are talking luxury contents here.  

Selfridges' enchanted spells calendar is brimming with high-end makeup, skincare and fragrance delights from familiar brands such as Lancome, Kiehl's and YSL.  Compared to the Liberty calendar the price of this one doesn't seem quite so high, but the contents is not quite so 'high-end'.  Benefit 's calendar is not too much over the £50 mark, and it's one of my favourites this year because I know I'd love just about every single thing inside the doors, and I like how it's designed more like a traditional chocolate advent calendar.  

Ahhh the Liberty calendar - I feel like I want it even just for the beautifully illustrated packaging!  I love the design of the outside, and the inside is stunning too in a Liberty print, but I didn't want to spoil anyone's surprises by showing to much of the contents of any of these calendars if I could help it.  Although to be fair, if I was going to spend this much on an advent calendar, I'd certainly be carefully checking the contents before I made my decision!  Personally I think this one contains the best high end brand selection and it's worth the price upgrade from the Selfridges calendar *whispers* there's Nars in there!  

And finally, the ultimate in luxury calendars is this stunner from Jo Malone.  It's beautifully made with proper little drawers to house each fragrance and lotion, and it really takes the beauty advent calendar idea to the next level.  It would make an amazing gift or keepsake, but really, if I had £250 to spend at Jo Malone, I think I'd rather pick out my choice of full sized products... or maybe that's the jealousy talking! 

Those are all of the beauty advent calendars which have been revealed to date, as far as I know.  There's also one from Elemis, but a little bit like the L'Occitane calendar, it has only 12 products inside instead of 24.  I'm wondering if Liz Earle and The Body Shop will bring out calendars this year as they did last year, or maybe they'll be another completely new release.  I'm keen to find out, as I think there might be time to open a few doors each morning in my house, one chocolate, one Ciaté and one still to be decided!

*Update* - typical, the day I publish this post I find out that The Body Shop do have an advent calendar this year!  It's called 24 days of Joy, it will cost £50, and as well as containing bath and body products from their new and well loved ranges, this year it will also include some of The Body Shop's new colour crush nail polishes.  I love that this one's such a big calendar and you get some real sizeable products in there.

Will you be opening a beauty advent calendar this December?



  1. Great post !! Spoilt for choice this year with calenders, I think the Ciate one is calling me lol xoxo

  2. This post <3 Oh ma goddddd. Excited is an understatement!

  3. I really need one of these for Christmas this year! I cant find them in the states :(


  4. Oooh I so want the Body Shop one - it sounds amazing, and I loved the look of last years xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  5. Im a bit gutted about the boots no7 one as im not a huge fan of no7 :(


  6. Oooh, my favorite is the Jo Malone one, but it's so pricey (for me!). :-O :-O :-O
    I like that its advent calendar is reusable, though.

  7. Had my heart set on the Selfridges one but it's all sold out already! I'm after buying the you beauty discovery one which looks promising though, so excited for it to arrive :)


  8. Why did I not know Jo Malone had this out . Buying it soon. Great post xox



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