5 Nov 2014

Nails: Sensationail deluxe gel starter kit review

I'm always moaning that no matter which nail polish I try, it never lasts much more than a day on me before I get chips, so if there's anything which promises longer wear, I'm up for trying it!  Sensationail is a system that combines the quality of a salon gel manicure finish, with the ease and speed of an at home manicure, and it promises to last up to two weeks!
I've been trying out the Sensationail deluxe gel starter kit which as you'd expect, contains everything you need for all of the steps in the manicure.  Inside the kit you get a compact LED lamp, gel cleanser, gel top / base coat, primer, two coloured gel polishes in Pink Chiffon and Raspberry Wine, gold and silver glitter, and all the other bits and bobs you need such as lint-free wipes and a nail file.  

I've been so impressed with this kit - mainly because it really is so easy to use, and it's quick too.  The instructions are really clear and easy to follow, and I felt like I knew what I was doing after just a few minutes.  I was also surprised that I didn't need to leave my nails under the LED lamp for longer - it's just 30 seconds when you're curing the base or topcoat, and 60 seconds to cure the coloured gel.  You have to be careful not to get the gel on the skin around your nails, and to make sure that you're applying thin layers, but other than that, it's really simple and practically foolproof.  

I've given the Pink Chiffon colour a try here - it's a really pretty rosy pink shade, and it gives a great shiny, opaque finish, and my nails feel really strong like they're wearing a protective layer.  I used two coats of the pink gel colour, and after the last coat I added some of the gold glitter as a bit of an ombré effect before adding the topcoat layer.  The glitter was the only part of the process which I found slightly more fiddly - you can 'puff' the glitter directly onto the nail, but I found that concentrated too much in one area.  I discovered a good trick was to puff the glitter out onto a surface, and then use the pad of your finger to pick up some glitter and dab it on.  Because the gel is tacky at this point, the glitter adheres to it, but not so much so that you can't move it around, and it stays in place when you put the topcoat on, without ruining the rest of the topcoat in the bottle with little glitter flecks.  So different from normal polish and the glittery messes I've gotten myself into!

I've been wearing the gel polish for four days now, and so far it still looks great with no chips or wear.  I know it's not been the full two weeks yet, so I'll see how I get on, but as I said, normal polish chips on me after a day because I do lots of fast and furious typing! Although I've not tried removing the gel yet, it seems pretty easy - you just need to soak the nails in acetone, and there's a pokey tool included in the kit which you use to push the gel off your nails once the acetone has loosened it.  

I'd really recommend this kit, and I think it's such a bargain while it's on offer for £50.  You can get up to 20 full manicures from the kit, and you can separately buy refills of all of the products such as the base / topcoat and and gel cleanser.  If you fancy trying some other polish colours, there are loads in the range - they're £15 each (although right now they're on 3 for 2 at Boots) and you'll also find a £3 off voucher inside the starter kit.  

The Sensationail deluxe gel starter kit is on a less than half price special offer at Boots for just this week only, so hurry if you want to grab one! 



  1. This looks like such a great set! Love the ombre effect you did! At this price think I'm going to have to pick one up for a Christmas present at least! Lovely post xx

    emily x ❤ | emily’s beauty blog

  2. Wow, your nails look so professionally done! :-O
    Your nails remind me of cupcakes, lol. :-)

  3. Oh wow your nails look amazing! I love that the kit includes glitter, it makes it so much more versatile xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie


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