18 Nov 2014

Skincare: The new anti-ageing skincare range from TEN

You may have heard of TEN before if you're a mummy, as TEN started out with a boutique mother and baby skincare range, but this new range is focused on anti-ageing.  

TEN say that their products combine science and nature for great looking skin - they aim to fight the ageing effects of photo-damage, fatigue and lack of moisture. Despite the modest packagin, the products which are made in Italy, contain the latest peptides and antioxidants with no nasties like parabens, and they include sweet almond which gives some of the creams a lovely, yummy scent.  Although some of the products are scented, they're still suitable for sensitive skin. 

I've been lucky enough to get to try out the whole range, which includes the following products - 

I always start off trying new skincare at night-time, as with my combination skin, a moisturiser that's too heavy can cause a complete makeup melt-down!  The TEN skincare products all have the look of rich white creams, so I stuck to my usual method and began using the eye contour cream and the complete rejuvenating care cream in place of my usual night-time moisturiser and eye cream.  

Although they sink into the skin easily, both have a really rich consistency, so they probably are more suited to dry skin.  But, they're perfect for me at night to help with dehydration and to work on areas with fine lines.  The rejuvenating care cream smells gorgeous - I think it's the jojoba and sweet almond it contains - and I've really enjoyed popping it on last thing at night.  

My under eye area has been really dry lately, so I have actually now progressed to using the eye cream in the day too, and so far it seems to be helping without causing any trouble, as it's not an area where my skin is oily.  It has a really comforting effect on the dry patches around my eyes, and seems to be starting to improve the texture.  

The luminescence skin exfoliation cream is the only product of the four that I can't necessarily recommend, as I couldn't really notice any results.  It's a cream exfoliator, which is new to me as I've only tried exfoliating liquids in the past, or your regular manual exfoliating washes and masks with gritty bits.  This goes on just like a face cream and then you wipe it off - I didn't feel any tingling like I would with a liquid exfoliator like the Pixi glow tonic, and there are no gritty scrubby bits either.  My skin didn't feel like it'd been exfoliated, so I think this is either a bit too gentle for what I need, unless maybe with repeated use I'd see some effects.  

Lastly the instant lifting cream, which I wanted to hate based on the attention seeking name, but actually I don't.  I think products with names like 'instant lifting' are asking for trouble and some huge eye rolls if they don't do exactly that, and I have to confirm that I don't see any 'instant lift' when I apply this - I wish I did!  However, I do feel a mild tightening of the skin, I like the texture and fragrance of the cream, and it contains hyaluronic acid - all redeeming features in my book.  I think you could use this cream for day or night-time as your moisturiser, or as well as whatever else you're using if you have drier skin.  For me it's night-time only as this one leaves a slight tackiness which does not want to make friends with my foundation.  I'll certainly be continuing to use this as part of my night-time routine, and am happy to be patient to see some lifting of the not-so-instant variety.

TEN anti-aging skincare is available exclusively at www.cleverskincare.com.



  1. I actually really like the plain packaging of these and the eye cream sounds like it could be something I would like xx

    Charli | Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger at CHARLI B

    1. Thanks for commenting lovely - the eye cream is fab x

  2. I like the plain packaging, too. For some reason, when it comes to skincare, I like mine to look simple and straightforward, lol.
    Too bad we don't have TEN here, but these sound so good, especially the eye cream! <--my favorite skincare product as of late.

  3. Thanks for sharing! Im considering this skincareline now


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