10 Nov 2014

Skincare: Nivea smooth nourishing hand cream and blueberry blush lip butter review

Hand cream and lip balm are such absolute cold weather necessities, so these little treats from Nivea couldn't have arrived at a better time.  The weather tricked us throughout most of October, lulling us into a false sense of snugly security - I didn't even wear my coat until November arrived, and then a couple of days in and bang, it's freezing!  Time to whip out the cold weather skincare essentials!

We love a Nivea hand cream in my house.  My boyfriend's an avid hand cream user - I'm very lucky in that he always does all of the washing up, so his hands are in constant need of a moisture boost! Personally I really like the Nivea fragrance, which I think subliminally reminds me of childhood home comforts, so if I'm buying something like sun cream or a moisturiser, I always tend to go for Nivea. 

The Smooth Nourishing hand cream from Nivea is made with Macadamia nut oil to combat dryness. It's brilliant value, as a 30ml tube will only set you back £3 or less, and it's a great hand cream.  It's fairly rich, but absorbs well and provides that instantly comforting layer to your skin.  I apply throughout the day as and when needed, and especially after getting my hands wet.

I've also been trying out one of Nivea's newer products, which is the Blueberry Blush lip butter.  I've been using the Nivea lip butter tins since they came out a couple of years back, and I'd actually forgotten how good they are!  I go through phases with lip balms, as I do with most products, but I'm glad to have rediscovered these just in time for winter.  The new Blueberry Blush flavour is just as moisturising as the rest - you can apply it as thick as you like on your lips depending on how chapped they're feeling, and it leaves just a hint of pale creamy colour.  I got through tonnes of the vanilla & macadamia when these first came out, but my favourite is the raspberry rose.  It's nice to see Nivea expanding this range as I love the formula of these, and they're brilliant at around only £2.  There's also a Caramel flavour which I've not tried yet, and an 'original' if you want to keep it simple.  

You'll find Nivea's hand creams and lip butters at Boots, Superdrug and most supermarkets.  


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