31 Dec 2014

2014 beauty favourites

I'm not going to be all cliche go on about how quickly the year has flown (although it really has), and will just get on with my 2014 favourites.  What I will mention, is just how much I'm enjoying that little bit of reflective thought that you tend to naturally fall into during the gap between Christmas and New Year.  You can choose to have a fresh start any time you like of course, but for me, I sometimes do need an extra kick up the butt, and the whole fresh page feeling of starting a new year gives me just that.  I don't make many resolutions any more, I just try to set really well thought out, achievable goals.  All it takes to change your life is will, determination and a list, so watch out 2015, I'm coming! 

Benefit triple performing facial emulsion - I've used this all year aside from any time I've stopped to try something new, but I keep going back.  This suits my combination skin leaving it hydrated but not greasy or too slippy, and most foundations sit pretty well on top - something that I find hard to accomplish with most moisturisers I've tried.  

Liz Earle cleanse and polish - the holy grail.  Whenever I go back to this I love it and I wonder why the heck I ever stopped using it.  It's not all that cheap, and it's not easily picked up on the high street most of the time, so I guess it can be tempted to try something else each time I run out, but I really shouldn't, because my skin is so much better when I use this.

Maybelline baby lips Dr Rescue - I think we can finally get these in the UK now, so I can stop buying them in triplicate whenever I go to the states!  It's a no nonsense medicated lip balm that does the job really well.

Hydraluron moisture boosting masks - I discovered these little beauties this year and let me tell you, they're the best thing I've tried for giving thirsty skin a drenching of moisture.  There's nothing greasy about them at all, it feels like a watery jelly on the masks and my skin happily soaks up every drop, including every last scraping from the bottom of the sachet!  I use these at night as and when my skin's looking dull and dry and they leave my face feeling plump and looking fresh.  

Hydraluron serum - as you can tell I'm a big fan of the Indeed Labs range as I have two of their products in my 2014 favourites.  Hydraluron is such a staple in my skincare routine - I use it underneath whatever day or night creams I'm applying to help amplify the effects of those products.  It's brilliant for combination, dehydrated skin.  

Glamglow youthmud - this is still my favourite treatment.  It's mask and a scrub in one, and it really delivers.  Whenever I use this my skin literally looks so much better - it's left feeling smoother and looking brighter.  I just wish it was cheaper so that I could use it every day!

Tarte amazonian clay full coverage foundation - this foundation has become a really reliable friend in my makeup collection.  I have days when next to nothing will work on my face - other foundations are streaking or cakeing and my skin is generally revolting against all attempts to make it up - but this one just always works.  I've discovered it doesn't really like primers, but luckily it lasts well by itself.

Nars sheer glow - another old faithful, but unlike the Tarte foundation, this one doesn't always want to play ball.  I find this generally suits me a bit better in the warmer months, probably because in the winter I can get really dry patches, but the rest of the year we're best buds.  

MUFE full cover concealer - this has been a great discovery this year.  It truly does provide a very full coverage and it stays put.  it's not one for under the eyes on me as it's much too heavy, but for the rest of my face it's a winner.

Hourglass ambient lighting palette - I hardly ever seek out any other highlighters in my stash as this always gives me that beautiful lit glow without ever looking too OTT.  

Real techniques blush and contour brushes - I have lots of Real Techniques brushes, but the blush and contour brushes tend to be my most loved as they both needed replacing recently!  

MAC fix+ - I'm still on the hunt for the perfect makeup setting spray which will keep my makeup in place until I say stop, but until then, I love fix + for giving a great finish.  It can sort out a cakey, over-powdered disaster in a spritz.  

Nars Audacious lipstick - when I thought about what lipstick had been my favourite of 2014 I really struggled.  There's not really anything I've kept coming back to all year as my taste in lip products really does change with the seasons.  I went on to thinking about the best lipstick purchase I'd made this year and it has to be Nars audacious.  Although I only got my first in October or November, I quickly followed with two more because the formula is lush and they're brilliantly long lasting without being at all drying.  This one's Anna, and I also have Dominique and Charlotte.  

Too Faced chocolate bar palette - a little like lipsticks, I frequently change up which eye palette I'm using - seeing as I'm such a palette hoarder it's important to share the love!  But, my most used palette this year aside from maybe the Naked Basics 2 when I first got it, is the Too Faced chocolate bar.  It's such a versatile palette that I find myself reaching for it whether I want a bold, subtle, matte or shimmery look.  I'm very excited to see that there's a second version of the palette coming our way soon! (Too Faced semi-sweet chocolate bar).

Nars smudgeproof eye primer - another product I just can't live do my makeup without.  It's the best eyeshadow primer I've ever tried for my super oily lids. 

Kat Von D tattoo liner - continuing the #oilylidproblems theme, this one's also a favourite because of its staying power.  The nib on this liner can go raggedy a bit too quickly, and the overall performance dwindles as the product gets older, so I always love it when it's time to break out a fresh one, but I keep on buying this because it just doesn't budge until I take it off.

Clarins instant light brush on perfector - I discovered this about half way through the year and from that point on, stopped putting heavy concealers near my eyes.  I'm now on my second tube.  Using a product like this which is light in texture and reflects light away from dark areas is so much more flattering that trowling on a thick concealer which will head straight any fine lines. 

Anastasia dip brow - I've had much better brows since I started using this.  I'm still no brow expert and often struggle to get both brows to match, but dip brow makes the whole task easier.  I love the dark and dramatic result you get with this, but you can also apply more sparingly and build slowly for a more subtle effect.  Plus, it lasts all day.

Garnier micellar water - the cheap and cheerful Bioderma alternative.  This costs £5 for 400ml and it's one of the best beauty bargains out there.  I think it's just as good as any other micellar water I've tried, and because it's such good value, I even use it to soak makeup brushes clean!

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream - my favourite new perfume of this year has to be Daisy Dream - I love the bottle as much as the scent! 

Aussie Aussome volume shampoo - I used to try a new shampoo every time I got to the bottom of a bottle, so it's a real credit to Aussie that I've been buying this repeatedly for much of 2014.  I've sort of given up trying to find a miracle shampoo that will stop my hair needing to be washed every day - I don't think such a thing exists and I've wasted far too much money on some very expensive shampoos whilst trying to prove otherwise!  I've stuck with Aussome volume because my hair's not quite so greasy the following day when I've used this and it leaves my hair smooth and shiny.  I use this together with the Aussie 3 minute miracle conditioners, and my hairdresser tells me my hair's in great condition, which really surprised me considering it's pretty long.  

Garnier ultimate blends sleeks perfector oil - and lastly in hair favourites, a serum I discovered earlier this year and have re-purchased three or four times.  I love the smell of this stuff, and it works well to make my hair look smooth and sleek without weighing it down or making it look greasy.  

Quite a lot of favourites there, and I'm sure I still missed some things out!  I can't wait to see what beauty treats 2015 has in store :) 

What's been your favourite product of 2014?



  1. This is such a great roundup and it's certainly left me with a much longer wishlist! Happy New Year! :)
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  2. totally agree on chocolate palette, it's amazing. Better than any other UD palette and I was a firm believer :D

    1. I'm excited to see what the semi-sweet palette will be like x

  3. Oooh, great list! My favorite product of 2014 is definitely Chanel's "La Flamboyante" lipstick. Need to write about it soon. :-P

    1. Ooooh I don't know that one - looking forward to seeing it :)

  4. Aussie is my best find in 2014 literally is the best hair care product going and I got the Garnier water for Xmas and I am loving it so far, I was a bit scared to use it because my skin is so sensitive so I will see soon enough. Great post. xox


    1. Thanks lovely - I'm a total Aussie convert now! x

  5. Great list of products, some of them are also made to my 2014 favorite list: Garnier creansing water, the brush by Real technique, Hydraluron serum and Liz Earle Cleanser.

    More of my favorites here:




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