3 Dec 2014

Christmas Beauty: KIKO Haute Punk Precious Touch shimmering body oil and Haute Flower eau de toilette

Are you sick of all the hyped up Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales already, or did you swoop in and finish your Christmas shopping with a hefty discount?  I was all up for a few special offers, but despite planning my attack and gathering up information on codes and offers, I was still left kicking myself when I realised there were a few great deals I missed out on.

I was actually stood in KIKO's Regent Street store on Saturday trying to narrow down my selection of clics system neutral eyeshdaows to just four, when I decided the shop was too busy and I'd leave it until another day... without knowing they were offering 30% off!  So annoying, and now the thought of those beautiful buttery swatches is literally haunting me and I need to go back and put things right!
While I was in store I caught a peak at KIKO's Haute Punk Christmas collection, and I've now been lucky to receive two of the products to try out - the Haute Flower eau de toilette and Precious Touch shimmering body oil.

The Haute Punk collection of course includes a wide range of new makeup, as you'd expect from KIKO, but there are also two perfume.  Haute Flower which is a combination of raspberry, pink pepper and marshmallow and also Visionary, which is made up of rum, patchouli and musk.  Visionary sounds like the heavier, more night-time appropriate fragrance, whereas I've been wearing Haute Flower which is sweet and lovely - you can really smell the marshmallow!  The Haute Flower eau de toilette comes beautifully gift boxed in Christmassy red and gold packaging, and costs £25.90 for a whopping 100ml.  

The second product I have is the Precious Touch shimmering body oil, which is so well timed for the Christmas party season.  Even though we're in the middle of the cold winter months, generally we go all out for Christmas parties whether it's bouncy hair, glitzy outfits, lots of fake tan or all three!  The shimmering body oil will compliment any party look where you have a bit of skin on show - the dry oil can be applied anywhere where you want to enhance and illuminate your skin.  It absorbs quickly and leaves behind a subtle, fine silver glitter shimmer - gorgeous for high-lighting collarbones, or applying to your shins if you're braving bare legs.  The Precious Touch shimmering body oil comes in the same festive packaging and costs £15.90 for 75ml.

Check out the full KIKO haute punk Christmas collection here.



  1. I love the sound of the shimmeriing body oil. I remember when I was a kid we used to get that talc powder that sparkled I was obsessed with it haha . xox


  2. The Haute Flower perfume sounds like such a lovely scent and the bottle is so gorgeous x

    Beauty with charm


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