12 Dec 2014

Christmas gift ideas: Non-beauty Christmas gifts!

About 90% of the gifts I get for Christmas are always makeup and beauty related - not that I'm complaining, it's what I love and I think it makes me a rather easy person to buy for!  I've rambled on about beauty gifts for the past couple of weeks now, so I thought it was time I gave a mention to some of the other lovely gift options I'm giving and getting this year, even if I can't put them on my face...

I secretly love a bit of diy and crafting - I'm not really very good at making things, but I do like giving it a go!  I've always wanted to try my hand at making candles, so I'm very excited to try this Vanilla Votive Candle Kit from the Kirsty Allsopp range at Hobby Craft.  It seems really straightforward and it looks like a great, fun little project to do over the Christmas holidays.  I'm also hoping to receive a cheese making kit for Christmas too!

Another little confession is that I'm incredibly disorganised.  It's one of the traits I dislike the most about myself, and I'm always looking for ways to be more planned and prepared so that I'm not rushing around and stressing out at the last minute all the time.  I may have gone slightly overboard as this is one of four planner / diary / calendars I'm getting for Christmas this year!  There is method in my madness though - they all have a specific purpose whether it's for organising my work life, blogging, meal planning etc.  This super cute desk planner is from paperchase and it's one I'm going to keep at home for blog related planning and ideas.  

So I never thought I'd want a tea set for Christmas, well maybe not until I'm old and grey, but I just adore the beautiful tray that comes with this set and am already imaging how I'll work it into my makeup storage set up.  ...always thinking about make-up even with the non-beauty gifts!  I've wanted a tray like this for ages but haven't been able to find one quite like it - I also do actually really like tea too, and the mugs are pretty!  The set is by Twinings and you can pick it up at Boots.

In total contrast to the tea set, I really like this cute cocktail making kit from Next.  I'm not a wine drinker and much prefer a good cocktail, but can never recreate some of the elaborate ones you get when you're out and about.  This set of yummy syrups and raspberry rimming sugar looks like just the thing to jazz up at home drink creations. 

I also really like foodie gifts, I mean who doesn't like to eat?  I'm giving this quirky pie making set to one of my friends this year as she's quite an adventurous cook and had mentioned wanting to try making her own pies from scratch.  This is the Hairy Bikers Pie Aye set from Boots - they also have a lovely one from Laura Ashley, but it's always out of stock when I try to get it.

Home decor gifts always go down well with me if someone picks out something which will match my existing themes.  We're re-decorating our living room at the moment and are going with a silver, grey and cream colour-scheme, so this lovely silver tray, matching bowls and candle sticks from H&M are just what we want for Christmas.  Their home range always includes really lovely pieces and the prices are pretty good too.

This might look boring when they're empty, but I've given and received Muji drawers as presents before and they're always so popular.  I store makeup in them, but they'd also work well maybe for jewellery, nail polishes and all sorts.  If you're giving these as a gift with other little presents it's nice to wrap them all up and put them inside the drawers so it kind of acts as a gift box too.  

And of course there has to be a Christmas jumper!  This one's not for me as I look like an absolute lump of coal in a jumper, but I wish I didn't because this festive squirrel Christmas jumper from Primark is so cute!  I don't want to totally miss out on the action, so I have bought myself this Christmas t-shirt which I'll be wearing with a blazer as that's much more me.

A new hair appliance is always a great gift idea for anyone who loves doing their hair.  I'm constantly wanting to achieve those tumbling Kardashian waves, so nearly every Christmas I ask for some new form of wand or curlers.  This year I'm playing with the Babyliss Boutique Salon Soft Waves - I'm still getting the hang of it at the moment and working out which styling products work best to make the waves hold, so I'll do a proper blog post on this once I've mastered the technique!

Another great electrical gift is the Panasonic Rechargeable Ionic Tooth Brush.  My boyfriend got an electric toothbrush earlier this year and so did my brother, and they both tell me that they couldn't go back to a manual toothbrush now and about how squeaky clean their teeth are, so I thought it was about time I gave one a try too.  I'll also pop up a review on this once I've put it through its paces.  

And lastly, probably my favourite kind of Christmas gift second to makeup - candles.  I always like to have candles burning in the winter, and especially at Christmas.  I love a really Christmassy pine scent, and also the warm and spicy cinnamon kinds too.  I usually pick up some Yankee candles for friends and family as they're quite a good price for the size and they always have new festive scents each year - this is Santa's Candy Castle!  I also spotted this really decorative three wick candle in Sainsbury's which is a gift for my new living room!  

Apologies for the rather dodgy lighting in some of these images - it's actually a different setting on my camera which I thought would counteract the gloomy winter afternoons, but it was a bit of a fail! 

What non-beauty gifts are you getting this Christmas?



  1. The sweater and planner are my favs. Gotta love paperchase. xox


  2. Can't believe that Christmas jumper is from Primark, bet I wouldn't find it now if I went in to look for it! The candle making set is definitely something I would enjoy and the cocktail set is something my boyfriend would like (since he likes to make cocktails and I like to drink them haha win-win) x

    Beauty with charm

  3. Lovely ideas.....xoxoxo....:)


  4. Some really cute gift ideas. Thanks.


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