22 Dec 2014

Guest post: My first blogger event by Lizzie

Today's post comes from Lizzie who blogs over at lizaboo.co.uk - she's sharing her experience of her first blogger event.  Thanks Lizzie! x

Being what I call a ‘baby’ blog I was honoured to have recently been invited to a blogger event. (Cue squealing and running around the house like a loony, waving my invitation like it was a lottery ticket!) Admittedly it was my very first event that I didn’t have to pay a penny towards, and instead could feel like a complete VIP. But from being a girl that’s usually sat in her bedroom with only the company of camera, I suddenly realised that I would be in a room full of people, many of who I wouldn’t know, and would want to know all about me and my little part of the web. (Cue a sweaty panic) Apart from the overwhelming sense that I had no idea what I was doing, I decided that I really needed to get focused to ensure I made the most of this incredible opportunity.

Get Social Like with all PR events there was a hashtag to get the momentum going. Seen as I would be a lone ranger to the event I thought I had better make some friends, so using the hashtag I started to find other bloggers that were going to the event. Tweeting about what we would wear and what we were looking forward to most, meant we had all made some connections by the time we met up at the event. And like with most of the awesome blogging community, what started out as just an internet friendship has become a girl power support group. Lesson Learnt – you will find new friends.

Wear It Your Way Despite the very generic dress code, I’ve always been the type of girl who believes you can never be overdressed. So I took the opportunity to go all out. It was a risky move as I could have stuck out like a sore thumb. But it was probably one of the best decisions I made. Before I knew it I had lots of compliments on my outfit and it had become a great conversation starter. What started out as talking about a dress and shoes, ended in giggles over champers. But it wasn’t just the bloggers who took notice, the PR girls and the journalists were also lovely, and I ended up handing out my more of my business cards than I had even anticipated. (Rookie mistake!) I saw many bloggers who hadn’t even thought about business cards yet and it seemed as though they did miss out on some of the action. But you don’t have to have a big budget to get them, even mine were just from Vista print. Lesson learnt - Outfits make you friends, and business cards are an essential item.

Don’t Be Shy Blogger events can attract all sorts of industry professionals and I soon learnt that promoting myself as a brand is a key part to expanding my blog. From a sprinkle of celebs to some of my favourite magazine journo’s, I was determined to get my blog out there in any way that I could. (Don’t worry I didn’t streak across the dance floor!) But I took a super handy hint from a fellow blogger that has served me well. Investing in a handful of branded USB sticks such as these, and filling them with some of my most popular blog posts along with some more opinion pieces meant that I could hand out my work to some of my dream teams. With the element of surprise (in a good way) they had my work ready to add to their website or magazine without having to trawl through the web to find me. Lesson Learnt – Approach the big wigs and dazzle them.

Have Fun Aside from the blog promotion and branding yourself up to your eyeballs, just don’t forget to have fun. Blogger events are filled with tasty food, exclusive items that only your eyes are allowed to see, overflowing goody bags, and most importantly an inspiring bunch of blogging ladies who will make it a night to remember.      

Read more from Lizzie at lizaboo.co.uk


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