17 Dec 2014

Pink reindeer fair isle Christmas onesie from Tipsy Elves

Taking photos for this post made me appreciate fashion bloggers on a whole new level.  I only wanted a few photos of me in my new onesie which was sent to me by Tipsy Elves, and literally, Dan managed to catch me at every horrendous angle possible - this was the only passable photo of the lot!  Fashion bloggers, I salute you - you make it look so easy.  

My attempt at an outfit of the day was to share my Pink Reindeer Jumpsuit onesie from Tipsy Elves, which I've been living in at home all the time we've not had central heating!  The radiators are now sorted thankfully, but you still can't peel me out of this onesie - it's so comfortable, and really cute too.

The onesie's made of a thick, sweat-shirt like material, so it's really fabulous quality compared to the cheaper onesies I'd usually but on the high-street, and the inside is all soft and fleecy.  

It's got a really big hood made of the same material, and the zip goes all the way up as high as you want it.  Cold nose?  No problem, zip it in your onesie!

I'm not sure why you'd want to do this, but you can zip the hood all the way up to the top of your head if you really need to keep the drafts out!

A rather genius feature compared to other onesies I've had us the double zip which makes getting in and out of the onesie so much easier.  

There's also a big pouch pocket on the front, which holds my phone rather nicely whilst I'm loafing about the house.  

And it also has roomy side pockets with zips too.  

It's a nice, long onesie which ends with stretchy cuffed ankles, so no chilly legs, but your feet are out so you can choose to wear socks or slippers or whatever, as I know some people really don't like the closed feet onesies.  

I'm loving the gorgeous, festive, fair isle print and much prefer this over a Christmas jumper any day!  You can find this onesie over at Tipsy Elves - they also have some other styles and colours and the sizes range from XXS to XXL.  Mine's a size M, which seems to be about a 16.  

The pink reindeer onesie usually costs £60, which is on the pricier side of things, but there's currently 40% off across the site, which brings it down to £34.95, which I think is so worth it.  Or, if you're a Christmas jumper fan, they have a brilliantly cheeky selection in men, women and kids' sizes.  I like the electrocuted cat!



  1. haha I love that you can zip it all the way up to the top I could use one of these for when i'm in a huff with the hubby lol. Great post xox


  2. That is so cute! It also looks very cozy. I haven't seen anything with cuffed ankles in so long!

  3. It's so pretty.....xoxoxo....:)



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