30 Jan 2015

Babyliss boutique salon soft waves curling wand

Before Christmas I had the opportunity to go along to meet with Babyliss and to hear about their new Boutique range with Fern Cotton.  I got to meet Fern who was absolutely lovely, easy to chat to and hilarious in real life (as well as gorgeous and teeny tiny!).  The Boutique range offers several different tools for salon-like results at home including a rollers, a hairdryer and straighteners, but I homed straight in on this large barrelled curling wand, as I'm forever trying to achieve those big, bouncy loose curls.

The Babyliss Boutique salon soft waves wand has a tourmaline coated barrel in a pretty metallic pale pink finish, and it's 34mm which is wider than your average curling wand, so it gives larger, looser curls.  It's also a longer wand, so perfect for those of us with lengthier hair.  

The temperature of the wand is fully adjustable right up to 210 degrees, it heats up fast (in 30 seconds), and it's really easy to control and see which temperature you're using.  You get a heatproof mat and glove included, which I really recommend you use as you don't want to burn yourself or your carpet, and there's also a protective carry bag to store the wand.  

I think the wand's really well designed with the cool tip at the end and stand on the back of the handle which really helps when you want to put it down in between sections of hair.  I also much prefer this style of curling wand to those with a clamp - using this wand I don't get any indentation marks in my hair, and there's no chance of getting in a tangle - it's incredibly easy to use.  You literally just wrap a section of hair around the wand, hold, and then release.  If you keep the section of hair really flat to the wand you'll get a more even and glossy curl - if you twist the hair slightly before you wrap around the wand, you'll get more of a subtle loose wave effect.


I'm so pleased with this curling wand - it's really quick and easy to use so it's now my favourite method for curling my hair.  I think it's also really reasonably priced at £40.  The only downside for me has been a struggle with getting these beautiful curls to hold and last, although that has a lot more to do with my hair than the wand!  These photos were taken straight after styling, and although I do like the loose curl look, I find it's best to wrap my hair quite tightly and hold it on a high heat for at least 20 seconds to end up with a tighter curl, as it'll soon start to drop and loosen up.  My hair's notorious for failing to hold a curl, so I've really been experimenting with different styling products to try to make the curls last longer, but nothing I've tried has been much of a success, so at the moment I'm just going with the loads of hairspray method!  If you have any tips for good styling products to use on fine, heavy, straight hair, please let me know! 



  1. I picked Christmas 2013 when I wanted a reasonably priced curling tong for the festive season and was so impressed with it.

    Victoria x

  2. You hair looks so so nice! £40 is so good for a curling wand! xx

    Abi | abistreetx.blogspot.co.uk - Don't forget to enter my giveaway!

  3. Wow, I think your hair looks amazing! Mine has trouble holding curls, too, even with a hairspray. I find Elnett hairpsray to be the most helpful, though; it holds my curls a bit longer than most.

  4. Your hair looks so beautiful, I have problems in holding the curls too, but right now I'm using the aluminum foil and straightener method it really holds my curls, but the only thing i don't like about the method is that its time consuming :)


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