18 Feb 2015

GlamGlow Powermud cleansing mud mask review

If you stop by my blog often, you'll have definitely seen me raving about Glamglow's Youthmud in the past - it's my all time favourite face mask and I'm never without a jar in my bathroom.  Recently Glamglow added a new mud mask to their line up, making four altogether (the one I don't have here is supermud).  The newest mask, in bright, shiny green packaging is called Powermud and it promises to give the skin an intense cleanse.

Despite loving Youthmud to death (you can read my original review here), Thirstymud left me slightly underwhelmed (review here) as although it's a great moisturising mask, it just doesn't deliver the wow factor results that I get with Youthmud.  Powermud however, leaves me admiring my skin in the mirror, and feeling like I can't wait to use it again!

Glamglow Powermud combines clay mud based ingredients (Brazilian white clay, Bentonite clay, Kaolin clay and Bio-mineral green clay) with oils (Prickly Pear oil, Pine oil, Frankincense oil and Myrrh oil) to make up this unique mud to oil mask cleanser.  It also includes a mix of cleansing ingredients and exfoliators to give a deep down clear out of build up.

Powermud goes on like a regular mask - you apply a thin layer of the brownish cream and leave it for at least 10 minutes.  It's a more liquid consistency than Youthmud, and it doesn't have any chunks or leafy bits in it - actually it applies like a thicker, more opaque version of Thirstymud.  You really do only need a thin layer, and the consistency helps prevent me from applying too much, so I think this will last me a lot longer than a jar of Youthmud.  

The mask dries on your skin, and when time's up you need to wet your hands and start massaging the mask around on your skin where the mud transforms to an oil type cleanser.  I used a muslin cloth to remove the product from my skin after massaging it around, just to make sure that I'd taken it all off.  

After use the first thing I notice is how clear my pores look - especially around the nose area which is the prime location for blackheads to be setting up camp.  It leaves my whole face looking totally fresh, bright and clean, and a lot smoother too.  Although it exfoliates, it does so gently, so it doesn't irritate at all or leave me with any redness, just really clean, calm, happy skin.  

Glamglow recommend you use Powermud once or twice a week - it's certainly joining my weekly pamper skincare routine as a first step to get my skin totally clean and prepped before any other masks or treatments.  

Powermud is available now at Marks and Spencer and it's £50 for a 50ml jar.



  1. I recently got my hands on Supermud and Thirstymud. Now I want this new version haha, it's the only one I haven't tried but it sounds amazing x

    Beauty with charm

    1. They're such a fab range aren't they? I just used this one again today - it cleans my pores out so well :)


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