11 Feb 2015

Valentine's day Lush haul

I love Lush at any time of year, but when they bring out their themed products for occasions like Christmas and Halloween they're really at their best.  Of course with Valentine's day just around the corner I had to take a trip to Lush to look at their latest limited editions, and this is what I came home with.

This has to be the best bubble bar Lush has ever made!  I love the mix of rainbow colours, shimmer and stars, and the bar doubles up as a great prop for a unicorn selfie (you know you want to).  It contains neroli - one of my favourite scents - and lavender - which is perfect for a bedtime bath - so it smells as good as it looks.  Bubble bars are great too because you can get several uses from them by only crumbling as much as you need into your bath.

This is such a pretty bath bomb - it really is like a floating flower when you pop it in the bath and all the colours spread from the centre out.  It makes a gorgeous pink bath that's super floral scented with ylang ylang, jasmine and gardenia.

The Kiss Lip Scrub - £5.50 
I love Lush's lip scrubs for keeping my lips smooth and flake-free.  This bright pink version is topped topped with sprinkles and love hearts and has a scrummy salty and sweet popcorn type flavour.

I bought the love locket last year, and loved the idea of having a bath bomb inside a bath bomb, so I bought it again.  I guess you could throw the whole thing in the bath, but I think the idea is to crack the outer heart shell open to get to the bath bomb inside - that's what I do.  Although it's pricier, you can get at least three baths by using half the shell at a time and then the mini heart inside.

This isn't actually part of the Valentine's collection, but I'd not tried this bath bomb before, so I picked it up when I was browsing the new products.  I like multi-coloured bath bombs because they give the most interesting and beautiful display as they whizz around the bath fizzing away.  This one's no exception and makes beautiful swirls and patterns as it slowly releases all of its energy.  It has a really zingy scent with ginger, pepper and lemon and once it's all fizzed away you're left with a pretty purple bath.

There are lots of other new offerings in the Lush Valentine's collection for 2015 which you might want to check out - although red is the obvious shade for Valentine's, I personally don't like a blood red bath (reminds me too much of certain episodes of Dexter) so I left the heart-throb and lonely heart bubble bars on the shelf.  

The Mother's Day Lush collection should be in stores now, so I need to get myself back to Lush soon for another little peruse :) 



  1. I love the Unicorn Horn, I think it’s my favourite from the range, even more so than Prince Charming.

    Hayley @ Tea Party Beauty

  2. I never tire of reading LUSH haul posts. Their products are amazing and I love the seasonal collections. Enjoy all of your lovely goodies xxx

    Kirsty - Effortlessly Excessive

    1. Thanks hun - I have my Mother's day lush haul coming up!

  3. I love the Unicorn Horn - I indulgently used mine all in one go! x


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