27 Feb 2015

Your Tea - Tea Face mask review

If you're on instagram, you'll probably have come across the brand Your Tea before.  They make a series of different teas with various health benefits - Tiny Tea helps with things like bloating, indigestion and claims to encourage weight loss, so it's certainly something I've been tempted to try!  Your Tea have now turned their tea making skills to skincare, and have brought out a face mask called Tea Face which is made from - you guessed it - tea!

Tea Face is made with the tea used in Tiny Tea, and it's blended with essential oils to create a face mask.  It includes rosehip, patchouli, jojoba, ylang ylang and cold pressed coconut oils.  I love the cutesy packaging and will definitely be finding a way to re-use the jar once the mask runs out. 

I've tried the Tea Face mask in the evening after cleansing.  You just need a teaspoon full of the mask and apply it to your skin, scrubbing it around in circular motions.  You can leave the scrub on as a mask for ten minutes or more to allow the oils to soak in to your skin.  When you're done you can remove the tea with a warm flannel or muslin cloth.

It kind of looks a bit like rubbing dirt on your face, I know, but it smells good and feels really moisturising on the skin.  The tea granules scrub gently, but you can vary the pressure and amount of scrubbing you want to do depending on how your skin is behaving and how sensitive it is.   I gave my skin a pretty good old scrub with this before leaving the mask on for a good half an hour, and afterwards my skin felt softer, smoother and much brighter.  

If you do have really sensitive skin, you can just use Tea Face as a mask without doing any of the scrubbing at all, and you can also use it on other areas of the body you want to treat too.  Odd fact about the mask for you - you have to keep it in the fridge!

Tea Face costs £17.95 and you can buy it here from Your Tea.

Have you tried any of the teas from Your Tea?



  1. This looks super interesting and I'm definitely intrigued. Sounds like a great mask x

    Beauty with charm

    1. Thanks hun - it seems a bit weird, but does a great job!


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