27 Mar 2015

A great quality, fast hair dryer for under £50 - Braun Satin Hair 7 Senso Dryer review

As you all know by now, I'm an every day hair washer, and with long hair to boot, getting my hair dry is the bane of my life, so I'm always keen to try a new hairdryer and put it through its paces!  This time around it's the Braun Satin Hair 7 Sensodryer that I've been sent to put to the test.

One of the first things I noticed and liked about this dryer straight from the box is that it's really quite light-weight - if you've got short hair you might have never even thought about the weight of your dryer, but long haired gals who get that blow dry arm ache will know what I'm on about!

In use I was pleased to see the dryer has plenty of setting to play around with.  There's a high and low air flow setting and four temperature control options plus a cool shot.  The dryer also has a clever thermo sensor which can control the temperature for you based on what would be most suitable for the environment you're in, by feeling what the air is like around you - clever.  

It's a 2000 watt dryer with an infrared heating system and professional ac motor, so you can expect fairly quick drying.  Personally I would never use a dryer that was any less powerful than a 2000 watt as I have really long hair and I'd be there all day!  Also the special air cooling system means the barrel of the dryer remains call during use, great if you want to hold the dryer at the barrel for a bit of extra control on your style.

The Sensodryer boasts ionic technology for even heat distribution, which contributes to smoother and softer hair at the end of the drying process.  My hair can be really prone to frizz and flyaways, so this really helps to give me a sleeker finished result.  The dryer comes with both the concentrator nozzle attachment and a diffuser.  Personally I don't get on with diffusers and I think they're better for people with curly or wavy hair, so I haven't given that attachment a try.  If you're not interested in diffusers either, you can also buy the dryer with just the concentrator nozzle.  

There are a couple of extra thoughtful features on the dryer which I really like.  There are two different buttons you can use to activate the cool shot, so depending on how you're holding the dryer or what angle you're trying to use it at, you should be able to easily use the cool shot function.  Also the filter at the back of the dryer is removable, so once you've built up loads of icky dust bunnies in there, you can pop it off and clean them out!  The only thing this dryer is really missing for me is a swivel cord to prevent things getting all tangled up and twisted over time.  

I'm pretty impressed with this hair dryer for the price - I think the last few dryers I've reviewed have been around the £100 mark, and I was surprised to find out that you can snap this one up for less than £50! 



  1. hmmm...interesting. I always have been wanting to get a dryer so it would be easy for me to dry and fix my hair. I guess this is the one that I need. I will be checking on this...

  2. I also wash my hairs every day, so I am also an everyday best hair dryer user. This idea is given by my friend that I can use a dryer to dry my hairs, as I have long hairs and it was really difficult for me to manage them earlier. But Now I am so happy and I can make a nice hairstyle in just few minutes.


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