29 Apr 2015

fillume volumising serum review and my trick for a line-free face effect!

Recently I talked about the new fillume volumising moisturier from indeed labs - fillume volumising moisturier review - and now I have the perfect partner to pair with it - the fillume volumising serum.  Used together they should boost the plumping results you'd see with the moisturiser alone.  I've also found a little trick to using these which gives me a temporary almost line-free face for special occasions!

Like the moisturiser, fillume serum targets lines around the eyes, nose and those dreaded frown lines, and also any volume loss and sagging skin which you might start to see as you age.  I'm still young enough not to worry about sagging yet, but fine lines certainly bother me and I've found that I like products which give me a temporary filling and plumping look to the skin each day, whilst also delivering long-term more permanent benefits over time.  

fillume serum gives these effects by enhancing collagen in your skin, as well as elastin and proteins - this is the part which should help with sagging and volume loss.  It's also really hydrating and contains hyaluronic acid, like its pal hydraluron, which helps to prevent further moisture loss.

Using the fillume serum and moisturiser together has worked really well for me so far.  They both sink in quickly on my skin, and give me no bother when I apply my primer and foundation on top. Contrary to the instructions though, I've found I need quite a bit more of both products to do the job than the pea-sized amount recommended.  Nothing about either product is too heavy for my combination skin, so they're both find for me to use in the daytime without causing a makeup slip 'n slide.

On application, my lines look less prominent when I'm using these products, as they have that immediate plumping and filling effect.  I've noticed the best results from these when my skin is well hydrated.  One of my favourite masks is the hydraluron moisture boosting sheet masks, which give an amazing effect on thirsty skin.  When I used the fillume products after the mask, my lines all but disappeared for a while!  This is a little trick I'll be keeping in my back pocket for any special occasion / big nights out when I want my skin to be looking well rested and a lot bit more youthful!

fillume volumising serum and fillume volumising moisturiser are both available now at Boots where they're currently on offer at £24.99 for the serum and £19.99 for the moisturiser - a £5 saving on each.  



  1. I hadn't heard much hype around these products so was dying to read a review! Think I might give them a go! xx

  2. I'm not worried about wrinkles yet but it's good that they fill fine lines in so well as I do have a few of them. Will have to look into these in the future as they sound amazing x

    Beauty with charm

    1. So lucky! Good to start eaely with skincare though, and to try to prevent lines before they happen. I wish I'd listened more to that advice :)


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