9 Apr 2015

Three sweet spring fragrances - 007 for women, Daisy Eau So Fresh Sorbet and Thomas Sabo Charm Rose Beach

I love to shake everything up when it comes to spring - clothes, makeup, my diet, my home, nothing's off limits when that whole spring clean, fresh start feeling kicks in, so it's no surprise that I'm also changing up my fragrance rotation.  Here I have three new fragrances that have me smelling sweet and fresh for the new season.

First up, a fragrance for wannabe Bond Girls!  I was expecting gimmicky packaging, and a heavy, seductive scent.  The bottle's actually a lot chicer than I imagined - it's sleek and shiny in black with rose gold detail, but it also looks a bit like a hand grenade, for that nod to all things Bond Girl-esque! 

I was right about it being quite a sexy fragrance - the main scent I get when I'm wearing this is vanilla and a muted floral with an oriental twist.  It's a combination of spicy black pepper, rose milk, blackberry, white floral jasmine, black vanilla, white musk and cedarwood.  

I've not tried a vanilla / musk type fragrance in ages, as I usually opt for quite fruity floral scents, but I really like this one, and it's great for day or night.

Another season, another limited edition Daisy perfume, and there I am queueing up to hand over my cash.  I just cannot resist those über beautiful, petal-lidded daisy bottles.  Just as well I love the fragrances too!  

Sorbet smells familiar and in-keeping with the other Daisy perfumes just enough for me to know I'll love it, whilst also having enough of a twist to confirm that there's a gap for it in my collection.  As always with a Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume, you can expect a soft floral and fruity mix that smells pretty and never overpowering.  This time that's thanks to mandarin, apple blossom, lotus flower, magnolia, jasmine, wet violet, soft creamy woods and musk.  I love the scent, and it looks gorgeous on my dressing table - win!

Not sure where I've been, because although I'm well aware of the gorgeous Thomas Sabo silver jewellery, I had no idea they also had a line of fragrances until now, and Charm Rose Beach is the newest in their range.  It's launching in May and is a limited edition fragrance for spring / summer.  

It's right up my alley, because it's a fruity and floral blend.  The notes are zesty lemon, mandarin, orange and bergamont, sweet floral rose, and peony, the deeper cedar, musk and amber, plus green tea and and fresh sea breeze to evoke memories of the beach. It's really light, so great for summer, and it has me longing for a getaway! 

It comes beautifully packaged in a snazzy gift box, so it would make a lovely gift too.

What's your spring fragrance? 



  1. I had no idea that Thomas Sabo did perfume either, I'll have to give it a smell some day! I have the original 'Daisy' and I absolutely love it. :) xx

    thechloelook.com <3

    1. The Charm Rose Beach scent is really lovely, and so summery - defo give it a sniff! x


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