6 May 2015

Models Own semi-matt lipstick and hypergel lip gloss swatches

Not content with bringing us some of the best loved nail polish on the highstreet, Models Own are expanding their makeup range with the new lipsticks and lip glosses.  The lipstick are in a semi-matte finish and simple colourful packaging, and the lip glosses imitate the shiny, sleekness of their nail polish namesakes.  I have eight of the 20 new shades available to help you choose - lipstick, or gloss?

These semi-matte lipsticks have great, practical packaging, and I like that you can see the actual colour of the lipstick at the bottom of the bullet.  The colours around the barrels and on the lids don't necessarily match the lipstick colours inside, but they look good against the white packaging.  

Swatched on my hand these shades look really quite matte, but on the lips they have more of a sheen to them and live up to their semi-matte description.  The berry shade - burgundy wine and orange-red miami heat were the more pigmented of the ones I tried, as the softer flamingo red and hot fuchsia  pink have a slightly more sheer finish to them.  All four are easy to apply with a texture that glides on.  They're not a creamy type of lipstick and have a more waxy type of texture, so you can apply them quite lightly for a sheer finish or build the colours up in layers too.  

Burgundy wine is my favourite of the four because it has the best pigmentation and wears really well, but I also love the hot fuchsia for this time of year.  

The sweet vanilla scented Models Own semi-matte lipsticks come in ten shades and cost £4.99 each.

The hypergel lip glosses are housed in compact, clear tubes, and the lids also show the colours in the same way as the caps on the hypergel nail polish bottles.  It gives the lip glosses a sleeker and somewhat classier look compared to the lipsticks.  

The hypergel lip glosses are traditional lip glosses in the sense that they have a sticky texture, and give transparent, super shiny colour to the lips.  I'm not a huge lip gloss fan, and much prefer a liquid lipstick myself, but if you're a gloss lover, these will give you some serious shine!

All of the shades gave a good tint of colour to my lips, but none were as bright as they seemed in the tube.  They definitely give that more subtle, just-bitten-into-some-berries level of colour.  Ruby red and warm orange are, as the names suggest, red and orange shades, and the orange was the one I found to have the greatest colour pay off.  Fuchsia flush - a pale candy pink, and premiere plum - a nude pink-mauve are my favourites for a smidge of colour and a lot of gloss.  

The Models Own hypergel lip glosses have a fruity fragrance and are enriched with vitamin E to keep lips nourished.  They cost £4.99 each and there are ten shades to choose from.  

The semi-matte lipsticks and hypergel lip glosses are all available now at modelsownit.com 

Do you prefer lipstick or a gloss?  



  1. burgundy wine is so pretty!! love it!

    Oreleona | Pristine's Bliss

  2. I definitely want to try out the semi matte lipsticks now after seeing the shades you have here. My favourites are definitely Burgundy Wine and Hot Fuchsia x

    Beauty with charm

    1. Thanks lovely - I need to check out the other shades too x


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