29 Jun 2015

Slurp milkshakes, eat cookies and lose weight? Win an Exante Sam Bailey 4 week diet pack and try it yourself!

I've written about diets a few times on this blog, but each experience has usually been pretty short lived as I'm generally rubbish at sticking to eating plans, and have zero willpower!  At this point, I tend to avoid gimmicky fad diets, because I just know what I'm like and that they won't suit me.  What seems to be more realistic for me personally, is a bit of a combination of changes, which don't feel totally restrictive, and still allow me to enjoy eating out - which is usually the main killer for any diet that I try!  


24 Jun 2015

Makeup Revolution Affirmation palette review and swatches

Oooooh look at all those pretty colours!  The Affirmation palette from Makeup Revolution contains 32 gorgeous shades that so wearable, that I just couldn't wait to get stuck in.  The shade choice here is almost overwhelming, and yet the palette will only set you back £8!

23 Jun 2015

Fleur Fatale by Kim Kardashian fragrance review

One of my secret guilty pleasures is my love for Kim Kardashian.  She's the queen of PR stunts and all that comes with that augmented reality celebrity world, but I don't care.  I love her hair, her clothes and of course her makeup, if only I could pull it off around the office in that nonchalant way that she does.  It's not going to happen, I don't have an entourage, a Kanye, or a wardrobe filled with Balmain, and she's bootylicious whereas I just have junk in my trunk!  But, I can still aspire to a few Kimmy K elements, like the lush long hair and her dramatic daytime smoky eye, and I can smell like Kim with a choice of seven - yes seven - of her own fragrances!  The latest in her collection is the beautiful Fleur Fatale scent, which is inspired by Kim's favourite flowers - white roses.  

19 Jun 2015

Braun Silk épil 7 and Silk épil 9 epilator comparison review

I'm a big fan of epilating - it's practically as quick, easy and convenient as shaving, but it keeps you fuzz-free for ages.  If you've not tried it before, I promise it's really not all that painful, and you should definitely give it a go.  

I've been using the Braun Silk épil 7 for some time, but there's now a newer model available which is the Silk épil 9 skin spa, so I thought I'd do a comparison of the two to talk you through what they both do and the differences.  

17 Jun 2015

From the creators of Makeup Revolution - introducing Freedom Makeup London!

Freedom Makeup is the new line from the creators of both Makeup Revolution and Makeup Academy.  Freedom Makeup London is marketed as being a 'professional' line, so I'd naturally expected the prices to be quite a step up from the bargains we're used to getting from Makeup Revolution, but seeing as I'm about to talk about £1 lipsticks, it turns out I was wrong!

There are so many products in the new Freedom Makeup range that I couldn't wait to get on their new website on the launch day to check them all out.  I was also sent some products from the collection to try, so I've given them all a go, and am ready to share my thoughts.  

16 Jun 2015

New summer beauty at Selfridges featuring a new and exclusive Nars gift set!

Recently I received an extremely exciting yellow parcel from Selfridges containing a selection of products from their range for summer 2015.  The postman hadn't even made it down my drive before I had the door open, ready to snatch the parcel from his hand.  I knew something brand new from Nars was going to be inside, alongside a selection of other amazing treats, and I couldn't wait to see what they all were.  

The contents certainly didn't disappoint, brimming with gorgeousness from Bobbi Brown, Estēe Lauder, Aerin, Charlotte Tilbury, and of course that new exclusive from Nars, which turned out to be a new trio of their amazing lip pencils.  


12 Jun 2015

Hair update - products for long, damaged hair and my hair loss worries

Over the last few months I've been so conscious of the thickness of my hair - it felt thinner, and I started obsessing a bit over whether I was losing more than the normal amount of hair that you would naturally shed.  I think it's one of those vicious circles where I was feeling stressed in general and because I was worried about the possibility of my hair thinning, I was noticing every single strand on my brush or sliding down the plughole, and suddenly it seemed that I was losing a lot of hair, when really in reality it was probably no more than usual.  To set my mind at rest, and also to just generally try to take better care of my hair and to keep it in good condition, I switched up my routine with few new products.  

10 Jun 2015

The Body Shop Virgin Mojito collection review - the perfect summer bath and body scent

I'm not all that adventurous with my blog photography usually - I'm just not very artsy, although I wish I was - but products from a Mojito scented bath and body range, well it would have been rude not to rustle up a cocktail as a prop, right?  Purely for aesthetic purposes, of course...  The Body Shop Virgin Mojito collection smells exactly like a Mojito, which one of my favourite cocktails.  It's a spot-on, super zesty and fresh combo of mint and lime which isn't at all sickly or sweet, and it's perfectly timed for summer too.

9 Jun 2015

Too Faced Sugar Pop summer brights eye shadow palette - review, swatches and three looks

I've been collecting Too Faced palettes for years, and I really do mean years - anyone else remember those quickie chronicles palettes (google images remembers naturally)?  They were one of my first serious makeup obsessions, and possibly the first palettes I ever bought.  I'm slightly ashamed to say that I still have them stashed away in a box, just for hoarding purposes!  The love affair continued with the chunkier boxed palettes like the naked eye and smoky eye (dodgy carpet photography courtesy of moi circa 2011) and then everything moved on to those slimmer and much more practical tins - I think my first one of those was 'boudoir eyes'.  Ahh makeup memories - yes I am a palette fiend - I really must make it a priority to do the 'pefect palette tag', it was clearly made for me!  

8 Jun 2015

Skin care products for really dry under eyes

A rather super specific skin care post today!  As someone with oily skin, I always used to think how easy it must be for people with dry skin - surely they just apply lots of moisturiser and they're sorted, right?  Wrong.  My skin is distinctly combination, and as I'm getting older (gaaahh) the drier areas are becoming drier, and often I have no idea how to tackle them - surprisingly, applying extra moisturiser is not all it takes.  

4 Jun 2015

Beauty Hacks: space saving tips for your night out handbag essentials with Tampax Compak Pearl

I'm one of those people who literally tries to carry everything but the kitchen sink around with me in my handbag.  What can I say - I like to be prepared!  Because of these slightly crazy on-the-go hoarding tendencies, I go for really big bags most of the time, so for a night out, cutting it back just to the essentials to fit in a clutch or teeny handbag can be tough.  Saying that, even my going out / clutch bags are a bit over-sized by most people's standards!  

Space saving products are a must, whether it's a mini of my favourite perfume, a travel sized makeup brush, or these diddy little Tampax Compak Pearl tampons.  

2 Jun 2015

Too Faced bronzer collection line up - review, swatches and how to wear all eight shades

One of the first proper bronzers I ever owned as a teenager was Too Faced's snow bunny.  I remember saving up for it for ages, and feeling so excited to finally own it!  Too Faced still sell snow bunny now, alongside an epic collection of bronzer choices to sort all skintones and occasions.  Too Faced's philosophy seems to be that one bronzer is never enough - just like you probably own a lot more than one lipstick, Too Faced believes in bronzer options too, and now so do I!

1 Jun 2015

New Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro lipsticks - review, swatches and possible MAC dupes

Makeup Revolution have recently launched lipsticks into their more premium 'Iconic Pro' line.  I've been extra impressed with the pro shadow products I've tried so far, so was interested to see how the lipsticks would shape up.  
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