23 Jun 2015

Fleur Fatale by Kim Kardashian fragrance review

One of my secret guilty pleasures is my love for Kim Kardashian.  She's the queen of PR stunts and all that comes with that augmented reality celebrity world, but I don't care.  I love her hair, her clothes and of course her makeup, if only I could pull it off around the office in that nonchalant way that she does.  It's not going to happen, I don't have an entourage, a Kanye, or a wardrobe filled with Balmain, and she's bootylicious whereas I just have junk in my trunk!  But, I can still aspire to a few Kimmy K elements, like the lush long hair and her dramatic daytime smoky eye, and I can smell like Kim with a choice of seven - yes seven - of her own fragrances!  The latest in her collection is the beautiful Fleur Fatale scent, which is inspired by Kim's favourite flowers - white roses.  

Of all of Kim's fragrances, I think this bottle is the prettiest.  It's shaped like a rose in a shiny white with rose gold accents.  Although some celebrity perfumes can sometimes be slated as being on the tacky side, I don't think you can say that about this one at all - I love the styling of the bottle and it looks right at home on my dressing table next to my high end perfumes.  

As the bottle might lead you to believe, the scent of this fragrance is rose based.  I'm not the world's biggest rose fan, but it depends on the strength and the blend. Fleur Fatale is a mix of blackcurrant, bergamot and violet top notes together with iris, tea rose and peony at the heart and amber, sandalwood and white musk give the scent a warm base.  Overall it does smell very floral, with the rose and peony being particularly noticeable to me, but the combination makes for a fresher and slightly fruity floral, which is really my kind of thing.  I'm not into powdery scents, which I think you often find with rose based perfumes, but this doesn't lean that way at all, and I really love it as a spring / summer perfume.  

The fragrance is pretty long lasting, as it's an eau de parfum, but if you did want to take this around with you, the 50ml bottle is compact and sturdy enough to do that.  And of course it's going to look gorgeous if you get it out of your handbag for an on-the-go spritzing.  

Fleur Fatale by Kim Kardashian is available now at Debenhams priced at £23 for 30ml and £30 for 50ml.


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  1. I love the bottle, such stunning packaging so I definitely need to sniff it in store x

    Beauty with charm


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