17 Jun 2015

From the creators of Makeup Revolution - introducing Freedom Makeup London!

Freedom Makeup is the new line from the creators of both Makeup Revolution and Makeup Academy.  Freedom Makeup London is marketed as being a 'professional' line, so I'd naturally expected the prices to be quite a step up from the bargains we're used to getting from Makeup Revolution, but seeing as I'm about to talk about £1 lipsticks, it turns out I was wrong!

There are so many products in the new Freedom Makeup range that I couldn't wait to get on their new website on the launch day to check them all out.  I was also sent some products from the collection to try, so I've given them all a go, and am ready to share my thoughts.  

These are the new Freedom Makeup London pro lipsticks which are just £1, and I've been playing with all of the pink shades.  Unfortunately I took all of the lids off to take a photo and then realised that the shade names are only on the lid and not the barrel after I'd mixed them all up - ooops!  So left to right, I think these are 101 Flushed, 105 Tell your friends, 102 Candy Sweet, 103 Pink Lust and 104 Wildflower.  

All of these shades have a satin sort of finish, they're easy to apply, and instantly give a big pop of colour in one swipe.  They're not the creamiest of finishes, but they are easy to work with and build to a really good, bold result on the lips.  The formula does cling to dry patches on your lips, so it's a good idea to prep your lips first.  

For £1 I each think these are a real bargain, and you can also buy all five pink shades in a set for £4 (and the same with the other shades in the collection of 25 colours).  I've never tried any of the Makeup Revolution £1 lipsticks, so I can't compare those, but I do prefer the quality of their Pro lipsticks which are £2.50 (review here) if I had to choose, as they're a bit creamier and longer lasting.

Next is the Freedom Makeup London Pro Contour in fair.  Your get two shades, a darker one for highlighting and a pale shade for highlighting.  To my eye both shades are completely matte, which I like, and it does give this product a more professional feel.  

The quality of both of these powders is really great, they apply super smoothly so that you can really blend out any harsh lines for seamless contouring.  This light shade is possibly a little bit light for me, so if I want a more dramatic contour I'd go for the medium shade.  There are three shades to choose from and they're £3.50 each.

I'm a little bit obsessed with makeup setting sprays, so I was delighted to see the Freedom Makeup Professional Makeup Fixing Spray as part of the new range.  I've tried both of the fixing sprays from the Makeup Revolution line (one is particularly targeted towards oil control), and this one is very similar.  The ingredient list is very similar, and to be honest, I can't tell the difference between the three once they're on my face - they all seem to do about the same job in terms of helping my makeup to gel and mesh together and to last a bit longer throughout the day.  

What I really like about the Freedom Makeup version is they spray - it comes out in quite a wide burst, so you only need a couple of squirts for your whole face.  Some people may not like this, but personally, I like to use quite a lot of setting spray.  I have one from Urban Decay which comes out as such a fine mist that I find myself using about ten squirts at a time and still feeling that I've not covered my whole face, so thumbs up for this one and it's only £3.50.

Hmmm doesn't the Freedom Makeup Pro Glow look a little familiar?!  Reminiscent of Too Faced's pink leopard bronzer, Freedom Makeup have a bronzer in four shades with a cute leopard print design.  I have the darkest shades, which is Roar, and for me it's very dark and would suit a deeper skin tone than mine.  The colours are very pretty individually, but are dominated by the darkest brow shade in this palette, so I think I'd go for one of the lighter ones.  

The texture of this bronzer is really nice, and it's very pigmented, so you'd need to apply with a light hand, and whilst the powders do contain shimmer, it's very fine, with no chunky particles.  The The other colours are Meow, Purr and Pink Cat, with Meow looking the most like its Too Faced inspiration.  These are £2.50 each.  

Lastly I have the very beautiful Freedom Makeup London Pro Blush Palette in peach and baked.  This is such a gorgeous selection of blushes, and you get six matte and two shimmer shades.  I've swatched from top to bottom on the left then the two middle shimmer shades, and then top to bottom on the right.  

All of the shades in this palette are really beautiful, but not dissimilar to another palette I have in my collection...

When compared to the Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush and Contour palette in hot spice, the shades are very similar, so I would say that if you already have the Makeup Revolution version, you won't need both.  They're priced the same too, at £6 each.

It's a really pretty palette, and I love these sort of peachy, coral blush shades.  This palette feels a little more 'pro' to me than the Makeup Revolution version because of the size and the shade of the blush pans - it means I need to reach for my smaller, tapered blush brushes, rather than whacking it on with a big fluffy blush brush as I'm sometimes inclined to do if I'm being lazy!  

All in all I'm really impressed with Freedom Makeup, and have my eye on several other products I'm planning to try, especially the eye shadow and concealer palettes.   As I said, I had expected it to be a higher priced range, so it's great that it's still affordable.  Some of the products do seem similar to Makeup Revolution, which I guess us natural if they're made in the same place, so really for me it's like Makeup Revolution's product line just had a massive extension, and I'm very happy about that.  

Have you tried anything from Freedom Makeup?



  1. Some real bargains there! I love that budget brands are really upping their game. I really love the look of the blush palette, in particular! xx


    1. The quality of the blushes is really good - you can't beat it for £6!


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