12 Jun 2015

Hair update - products for long, damaged hair and my hair loss worries

Over the last few months I've been so conscious of the thickness of my hair - it felt thinner, and I started obsessing a bit over whether I was losing more than the normal amount of hair that you would naturally shed.  I think it's one of those vicious circles where I was feeling stressed in general and because I was worried about the possibility of my hair thinning, I was noticing every single strand on my brush or sliding down the plughole, and suddenly it seemed that I was losing a lot of hair, when really in reality it was probably no more than usual.  To set my mind at rest, and also to just generally try to take better care of my hair and to keep it in good condition, I switched up my routine with few new products.  

These supplements had been in my cupboard for a little while and I'd never tried them, but when I started getting worried about thinning hair, these were the first thing I thought of.  I'm terrible at remembering to take vitamins and supplements.  I always have such good intentions, but I find it hard to form a new habit for something like this.  

You take two of the supplements every day with food - it's a bit annoying that you can't take these first thing in the morning, as I'd find that easier to remember.  The tablets are quite large, so if you don't like swallowing pills, you might find these a bit difficult - it's also worth pointing out that they taste horrible! That aside, I took these as often as I remembered, because I felt they would do my hair some good.  It can take a long time for most vitamins to kick-in in any way, so I would get another pack of these and carry on taking them, even though it's hard to be sure what they're doing!

I'd heard about wet brush ages ago and had been meaning to give one a try, so when I thought I was losing too much hair through washing and brushing, I instantly knew this was something that could help.  

At first glance the wet brush just looks like a normal brush, nothing special at all - but when I tried it on wet hair I couldn't believe how much easier it made things.  My hair's really long, so it can get very tangled and knotted after washing, so this has made a real difference for me - I've noticed that I'm pulling hardly any hair out now that I'm using this, and it cuts down the time it takes me to get my hair ready for blow drying too.  

The wet brush I have is a mini travel size version, so I might also look to get the larger one too.

Since I bought some invisibobbles I've literally not used anything else to put my hair up.  Popbands used to be my favourites, but invisibobbles really don't dent your hair whatsoever, and they literally never tangle or pull any of my hair out.  I have a few sets of these now in different colours, and keep them in my bedroom, the bathroom and my handbag, for any time when I feel like getting all my hair out of the way, and of course for rocking that oh so cool pineapple hairstyle at night.  

As I'd been using the same shampoo and conditioner for ages, it seemed like a good time to try something new.  I'd been using really intensive conditioners, and thought there might be a chance I was over-using them and that it was having a negative effect on my hair.  

I've been trying out the S Factor Diamond range from Tigi which is aimed at giving maximum shine to the hair as it contains diamond dust, champagne extract, cashmere and crushed pearls - fancy! 

The shampoo smells utterly delicious, like sweets and strawberries, so it's really nice to use, and the smell lasts once my hair's dry.  I can really notice the shine in my hair after using this shampoo, which I love, and it didn't make my hair greasy, but I found I had to use quite a lot of the conditioner to get my dry ends looking more nourished.  I do have very dry ends, which is why I usually use serious mask type conditioners.  

The silky smooth moisture serum is really great on wet hair to help smooth everything down for blow drying, and I'll add more to the ends of my hair when it's dry to tame and disguise my split ends.  It's great for making my hair look and feel silky without being heavy or adding any oiliness.    It's a huge bottle too compared to a lot of serums, and you only need a few pumps, so it's lasting me ages.

My hair is pretty fine, but it's long and heavy, so it really lacks volume, and it resists pretty much all attempts to make it curly, with curls falling flat after an hour or two.  I saw a couple of youtubers mentioning that they had tried PLI and that their curls lasted for days, so obviously I ordered some straight away!  

I think if you have 'normal' hair then you might want to give this a try, but for my hair, it didn't make a huge amount of difference.  Originally I'd assumed it was something you spray on each section as you curl your hair, but actually it's a product to use on wet hair before blow drying.  I think it made my hair a little easier to work with, and the curls looked lovely when just done, but they still only lasted a couple of hours and disappeared completely when I had to go outside!  I'll need to keep looking for that wonder product which will keep my hair curly all day long.

Lastly, one of the best things I tried for making my hair feel a little bit thicker, was having a trim.  I never have much cut off my hair in one go - not really more than an inch or two, but my hair always feels thicker and healthy after I get rid of some dead ends.  

Do you have any tips for thicker, fuller hair?  Please share!



  1. I found the grow gorgeous serum brilliant for thickening up my hair & making it grow faster. I'd highly recommend it even though it's quite pricey! I reviewed it on my blog if you want a read! xx


    1. Thank you, that sounds like something I should look into xx

  2. Would love to know how you get on with the Perfectil vitamins as I've always wondered whether I should take these or not...x


    1. I do believe they're making a difference, although it's hard to be sure, but I plan to keep taking them x


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