1 Jun 2015

New Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro lipsticks - review, swatches and possible MAC dupes

Makeup Revolution have recently launched lipsticks into their more premium 'Iconic Pro' line.  I've been extra impressed with the pro shadow products I've tried so far, so was interested to see how the lipsticks would shape up.  

Firstly the colour options are great - there are 20 shades in this collection, covering all bases, and there are both matte and more sheeny options.  The packaging is nice and sleek - the shape and size of the lipstick casing is very similar to a MAC lipstick, but the finish is shiny and you have the gorgeous rose gold / copper accents which I'm a huge fan of.  Considering the similarity in the packaging, I was expecting there might also be some crossover with the shades, so I kept my eye out for dupes whilst giving these a good old swatch.

All of the shades apply beautifully and give a great amount of pigment - more so the mattes, as you might expect.  The formulas are not overly creamy, but they glide on very easily and you can build the colour intensity.  I found these lasted a good few hours on my lips and through a coffee or two before I needed to touch up.  Make it in the city and It eats you up have been my most worn shades so far.

As for dupes, I think all of these shades probably have a distant MAC cousin.  I had a little compare to my modest collection of twenty or so MAC lippies, but I tend to buy the limited editions and don't own so many of the cult shades, so I only came up with one sure fire dupe - Duel Matte and MAC's Ruby Woo / Riri Woo - pretty much identical in both shade and texture.  

Absolutely Flawless was fairly similar to MAC's Blankety which I have, but it wasn't an exact match, so I think it's probably closer to one of their other nude shades, maybe Hue but I'm not sure.  

No perfection yet reminded me of Plumful, but when I swatched them they weren't very similar - no perfection yet was a deeper shade, so maybe it's a dupe for something else.  I also tried it next to Craving, but no match there either.

I couldn't spot anything in my MAC collection similar to Make it in the city - I think it could be similar to something like Girl about town.

I think It eats you up matte might be a dupe for candy yum yum, but I don't own it to compare - it certainly looks like a very familiar shade to me.  

All in all I'm thoroughly impressed with these and at £2.49 each, I'll be adding a few more colours to my stash.  



  1. I have mixed opinions on these lippies and I feel like different shades perform differently, but my favourite from the ones I picked up is definitely If It Eats You Up Matte, perfect for summer x

    Beauty with charm

    1. Oh really? I've not tried any other shades yet, but am planning to! x

  2. I've seen these on a few other blogs and the packaging instantly made me think of MAC. I'll definitely be trying these out as I love a good bargain from MUR!

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  3. Make it in the city looks gorgeous! I'm yet to try anything from MUR xx
    Glossy Boutique

    1. Oooh you must, they have so much great stuff!


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