16 Jun 2015

New summer beauty at Selfridges featuring a new and exclusive Nars gift set!

Recently I received an extremely exciting yellow parcel from Selfridges containing a selection of products from their range for summer 2015.  The postman hadn't even made it down my drive before I had the door open, ready to snatch the parcel from his hand.  I knew something brand new from Nars was going to be inside, alongside a selection of other amazing treats, and I couldn't wait to see what they all were.  

The contents certainly didn't disappoint, brimming with gorgeousness from Bobbi Brown, Estēe Lauder, Aerin, Charlotte Tilbury, and of course that new exclusive from Nars, which turned out to be a new trio of their amazing lip pencils.  

If you've never smelt this fragrance before, you really need to.  It's literally the scent of summer in a bottle and it's so delicious and addictive that I just want to keep spritzing it all day long.  It's a blend of coconut, citrus, vanilla, amber and lavender and it's such a beautiful and feminine fragrance to wear.  Estēe Lauder only sell this fragrance in the summer, but it's so popular that it makes a return every year in updated packaging.  

I've actually not tried anything from AERIN before, but it's a brand I've admired from a far - the makeup is beautifully packaged and looks ultra luxe (have you seen the Kaleidolight palette?!), so I was excited to give this tan a try.  A lot of tans aren't suitable for the face, so seeing as this one is, that's where I decided to try it first.  There isn't much in the way of instructions on the tube, so I went ahead and applied this in the evening over my face and neck in a light layer.  It looks and feels just like a moisturiser, so it's really easy to apply, and it's white, so you have to pay attention to where you've put it, but I didn't get any stains on my pillow.  In the morning my skin had a really healthy glow and a much warmer colour.  At £42 it's a lot pricier than a lot of tans I've tried, but the colour worked so well on me and looked so natural that I think it's worth it.  

This set is due to launch in July, so I'm very lucky to be getting a sneaky preview of what's to come!  There will be three new sets available and I believe the collection is going to be called 'Blame it on Nars'.  Two different sets of three lip pencils, and a new blush quad, which I will definitely be looking to buy as soon as it comes out - Nars blushes are my absolute favourite.  

The set I have is based around pinky-neutral shades and includes two satin lip pencils and one velvet matte in the shades Sex Machine (velvet matte), Stourhead and Biscayne Park, and a chubby sharpener.  I love the Nars velvet matte lip pencil finishes, and already own Sex Machine, which is that very now, Kylie Jenner 90s lip type shade.  The other two are new to me - Stourhead is a really pale baby pink and Biscayne Park is a really warm nude shade.  All three pencils are so easy to use - the chubby shape makes application quick and foolproof, and the finish is bold and long lasting, and even the mattes don't dry out my lips.

The other lip pencil set available in this collection focuses on deep pinks and reds with the shades Yu, Luxembourg and Provocative Red.  Both sets will be available at Selfridges from July and will be £29 each.  

I don't have much information on the blush palette other than it has four shades, and will not contain Orgasm or Laguna, because let's face it, we probably all own at least three of each of those already!

Talking of Nars Orgasm, this stunning summer bronzer from Bobbi Brown really reminds me of that type of shade.  It's a gorgeous dusky rose pink with just the right amount of gold shimmer running through to give a flattering summer glow.  Personally I think you can wear this as both a blush or a bronzer as it's quite a versatile shade and the colour is easily built and blended.  

The illuminating bronzers are available in six different shades and are priced at £28 each.

And last but not least, I've been trying out one of the new cream shadows from Charlotte Tilbury.  Everyone's a big fan of the amazing CT, and I can't believe I've not blogged about any of her products so far.  I have a couple of eye palettes and a lipstick which hold pride of place in my makeup collection (and about twenty other things on my wishlist), so I must get around to swatching those for you soon.  For now take a look at this super glam emerald green shade which is wonderfully named Cleopatra.  

This is the type of shade I always covet on others, but would never really pluck up the courage to buy, so I'm delighted to get to try this out.  The water infused formula with vitamin E is rich and creamy, and it has a buildable metalic finish.  It's incredibly pigmented, so you can use it as a liner as well as taking it down a notch for just a wash of smoky colour.  I'll definitely be needing a couple more of these in the bronzey tones.  

Everything I've featured here is available now or soon at Selfridges Beauty.  

Will you be picking up any of these products for summer?  



  1. I need to give the Estee Laude scent a sniff, can't believe I never have!

    Lorna | www.studsanddreams.com xx

  2. Ooosh these pictures are BEAUTIFUL - you've made me want EVERYTHING.

    1. Thank you lovely - I'm quite happy with the photos - spent hours trying to figure out my camera's manul settings for the first time!

  3. OMG everything in this parcel looks amazing and your photography here is just beautiful. I much prefer these lip shades from NARS compared to the red toned version. Oh and the shade of that Bobbi Brown Illuminating bronzer is just stunning x

    Beauty with charm

    1. Thank you! And yes I was pleased to get these shades too, I have a lot of deep red Nars lip pencil shades already, so these are nice and different x

  4. What an amazing parcel to receive! I absolutely adore Bronze Goddess & can't stop wearing it. That Bobbi Brown powder looks really beautiful! Enjoy your goodies! xx


    1. Thank you lovely - I'm so addicted to the bronze goddess scent right now, I need to buy some back ups!


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