24 Jul 2015

Limited edition Blame it on Nars blush palette swatches - exclusive to Selfridges

Would you take a look at this absolute beauty?  Nars really have their packaging on point with this limited edition blush palette - I don't mind their usual plain black or mirrored affairs, but this packaging is a little work of art.  

I shared the Ultimate Lip Pencil set from the same collection in this post after Selfridges very kindly gave me a sneak preview, but it was the Blame it on Nars blush palette that really caught my attention, and I knew I'd need to place a cheeky order as soon as it was released.

Nars really know how to do blush - these images hardly need any explanation!  The palette contains one high-lighting blush, a bronzer and two other blushes.  From left to right in my swatches, or clockwise on the palette they are Satellite of Love, Casino, New Attitude and Day Dream.

As soon as I heard about this palette I did some frantic searching online to find out the shades and was delighted to find no mention of orgasm or laguna!  No offence to either shade, but Nars can be very guilty of putting them in nearly every palette, and it's really nice to get some new-to-me colours without a single dupe of anything I already own (okay I think I might have a mini Casino somewhere but let's gloss over that).  I've been a little bit over-addicted to using Deep Throat lately (all time favourite Nars blush) so the new-ness factor of having these in my possession it pulling me out of my comfy little rut.

I think all four shades in this palette are great and I'll absolutely use them all - New Attitude was a shade that escaped me when it was originally launched as a limited edition blush single, so I'm really happy that I now own this pretty pink.  I was unsure about Satellite of Love when looking at it in the pan, as it seems like quite a pale and possibly uninteresting shade, but swatched it's a gorgeous shimmery pale bronze, which works wonderfully as a golden summer highlight.

The palette also comes with a rather handy brush - it has a flat edge, kind of like a squashed kabuki, and I've found it to be excellent for contouring.  Personally I prefer a more rounded brush for blush, but considering I throw away most naff brushes that come with palettes, this one's really impressive and great for travel and on the go.

The Blame it on Nars blush palette is exclusive to Selfridges and will set you back £45 - if you're a Nars blush hoarder lover like me, you'll find it hard to resist!



  1. This palette is gorgeous! Nars always kills it with the packaging x

    Abi | abistreetx.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Thanks Abi - it looks lovely out on display on my vanity :)

  2. This palette looks stunning! The packaging is adorable and the inside products seem lovely and pigmented xx

    Jasmine || http://www.blogsallbeautyy.blogspot.co.uk

    1. You can't beat a Nars blush in my opinion :)

  3. What a beautiful palette and so nice to see other shades other than Laguna & Orgasm. I love the brush included too, it would be perfect for travelling. Just a shame it's a Selfridges exclusive only as I have a few vouchers I'm waiting to spend but not for Selfridges x

    Beauty with charm | Zoeva Giveaway

    1. I always wonder why they make certain things exclusive to some stores - I'm sure you'll find something equally amazing to spend your vouchers on :)

  4. Wooow this palette is so beautiful! I agree with you about Laguna & Orgasm, although Orgasm is my favourite ever blush, it's nice to get a mixture! The shades are so gorgeous and the packaging is stunning! Great post xx

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula

  5. Replies
    1. Me too - I'd happily buy every shade if I could! :)


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