9 Jul 2015

Maybelline haul - the new Master Sculpt contour and highlight powder - review and swatches

I have the new Maybelline master sculpt contouring duo to play with, so I thought I'd also show you what I've picked up from Maybelline lately, as all of these things are fast becoming favourites in my makeup collection.  I've been meaning to try to Instant anti-age eraser eye concealer for ages, but the lightest shade is almost always out of stick, but I finally found it.  I also picked up two of the Color Drama lip pencils which are frequently compared to Nars velvet matte lip pencils.

The Master Sculpt palette is a convenient little contour and highlight powder duo, which is perfect for travel or on the go application as it's nice and compact and includes a brush which fits snugly underneath the powder pan.  Unlike a lot of products which come with a makeup brush included, this one's actually really worth using as it has a brilliant fanned out flat edge which is great for getting into the hollows of your cheeks with the contour powder.  

I have the shade 01 light medium which is a great non-scary contour shade which is pretty much foolproof as it's quite subtle on my skin and the soft powder finish can be slowly built up to how you like it.  Contouring's one of those makeup tricks that's so easy to get wrong if you don't apply carefully and in good lighting, so this palette is perfect for newbies who want to give the trend a try.  

The highlighter is also going to give you a more subtle, almost natural glow as it's not a glittery or overly shimmery formula.  For me these make for a great daytime contour and highlight situation.  

So many people rave about Maybelline's eye eraser concealer and it's been on my wishlist for a while.  I finally gave up on trying to get the light shade and purchased neutral, and then the next time I was in the shops, of course they had the light shade back in stock, so I now have two!  

This concealer gives great coverage for under-eye circles without looking or feeling heavy or cakey, which is perfect.  I also use it on any other areas of the face where I have redness or blemishes, and it does a great job of lightly blending eveything in and making my skin look more even but not overly layered in makeup.  The light shade is great under my eyes and the darker neutral works well on the rest of my face, so I'm happy I ended up with them both.  The only downside to this concealer is that I worry about the sponge applicator getting a bit grimy after continued use, and also, although I do like using this under the eyes, it creases quite a bit.

How lovely are these color drama shades for summer?  The top shade is 420 in with coral, and the other is 130 love my pink.  Both are gorgeous matte brights which apply really smoothly, give amazing colour and coverage, and last for ages on the lips.  They're very similar in texture and performance to the Nars velvet matte lip pencils I love, so they're amazing for £4.99!  They come in ten shades, so I think I'm likely to grab a couple more.  

All of these Maybelline products are available now at Boots and Superdrug.  



  1. I love the lip pencils as well, such a great formula! Recently I also picked up the contour kit but in the darker shade as I think the bronzer shade is a bit more cool toned and better for contouring on my skin tone. x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  2. Finally someone with a similar experience. The maybelline eraser eye also creases on me. I have been reading for the longest time that one of its best features would be that it did not crease at all. I try to apply it thinly and set it with powder to keep it in check and then it works but to be honest, as far as creasing goes, it really does not beat other concealers. I love the looks though, so i keep using it.

  3. I love In with Coral & am tempted to get Love my Pink. I think the contouring set looks great! xx


  4. I love the Colour Drama lip sticks and hope they will release more shades in the future as the formula is fantastic. Really need to get my hands on that new contour palette, this the darker shade would suit me best as it's a bit more cool toned x

    Beauty with charm

  5. It's a shame you didn't get on with the concealer 100%. I love this product and didn't find it creased on me.. I love the formula x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  6. I love all of the products you've mentioned, specially the ColorDrama lippies. They are just amazing, I have them pretty much in all shades :) And about the concealer, it creases on me too! I have oily T-zone and if i apply this concealer it gets me shiny within few hours. But I still continue using it, as I love the coverage of it.

    Great post x

    Indre ,

  7. Those lip pencils look great! Will have to give them a try, especially for that price!


  8. Everything you bought is on my wishlist, literally everything aha! I looked at the sculpt set as I thought it looked handy and good quality. The concealer has been raved about loads and it looks like it's got high coverage. And finally, the lip pencils. They looks super creamy and the colours look magnificent! I even heard they're dupes for the Nars lip pencils! Great post! xx

    Jasmine || http://www.blogsallbeautyy.blogspot.co.uk

  9. The products look so tempting! I can't find the Age Rewind Concealer anywhere in the Netherlands though. Any Dutchies that have seen it around?


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