16 Jul 2015

Xen-Tan Dark Lotion and Face Tanner Luxe review and giveaway

Fake tanning is something I fall in love with again every summer – I always forget how great it is to have a gorgeous tan and how much better you can look and feel once you have a lovely bronze glow.  I forget because I’m not one of those people who can be bothered to keep up their tanning routine all year round – I envy those that do, but I’m just too lazy!  I generally get the tanning bug around May when the sun has started shining and flip flop and bare leg season is starting up.  

Oddly enough, the time I’m most into fake tanning is right before I go on my summer holiday!  I always go away quite late in the year, so I fake my glow right up until September, and then I really turn up the tan right before I go away, because I hate looking all pale and pasty that first day at the beach or by the pool.  Having a tan makes me feel much more confident in my swimwear as I think it makes you look a bit slimmer and more toned, and can help hide cellulite and other imperfections that we’d rather not highlight! 

Xen-Tan is pretty much a cult tanning brand, with so many people listing it as their favourite.  I’ve used the Xen-tan face tanner a few times before.  It's perfect for me to take on holiday with me to top up daily, as I find my tan fades fastest on my face because of cleansing and what not.  It's really easy to pop a bit of this on at night before bed to keep my colour strong, and it means while I'm on holiday I can wear a lot less makeup in the heat as the tan helps to make my skin look more even and it hides imperfections.

This has been my first time trying the dark lotion Xen-Tan for body, but like the face tan, it's equally easy to use and gives a great, long lasting tan.  One of my favourite things about this tan is the shade - it gives a lovely olive toned tan which I think looks really natural on my skin, and there's no risk of looking orange.  Also, the smell is amazing - a lot of fake tans can have that stale biscuit smell which is so off putting, but this one smells like almonds or cherry bakewells! 

The tan has quite a dark guide colour, so it's really easy to see what you're doing and any bits you've missed, and using the mitt helps you achieve an even, streak-free application without staining your palms.  I find it most convenient to use this at night and shower it off in the morning, and I only need to wait a few minutes after applying before I can put my pyjamas on, and the tan doesn't transfer onto my sheets, which is always a bonus!

Xen-Tan is much easier to get hold of now that it’s stocked at Marks and Spencer.  And whether you’re a hardcore Xen-Tan fan or a newbie, you’ll love the offer they have going on at the moment.  Between 1st – 28th July, you can get a free dark lotion when you spend £25 on any Xen-Tan products in store or online at Marks and Spencer.   The free dark lotion you’ll get is the full size bottle worth £29, so it’s a great offer.  If you’re a dark lotion addict, you could get two bottles for £29, so it’s like buy one get one free!  

To celebrate Xen-Tan being stocked at M&S and the special offer in store this month, I’ve kindly been given some Xen-Tan products to give away!  I have ten sets of the full size dark lotion and luxury tanning mitt worth £34 each, and you can win them over on my twitter account. 

To be in with the chance of being one of my ten winners, here's what you need to do.

Pop over to twitter and follow me - @fluttersparkle

Find one of my special Xen-Tan giveaway tweets and retweet it  (you'll know you've found one of the right tweets if it says 'Re-tweet to win')

I'll be sending out ten 'Re-tweet to win' tweets over the course of the giveaway, and I’ll be picking one winner at random from the retweets on each of the ten tweets.  If you like, you can re-tweet all ten of the tweets over the next two weeks and that’ll give you ten chances to win! 

The giveaway is open to UK residents, will remain open until 11.59pm on 28th July, and I'll announce the winners on twitter asap after it closes.  Good luck! 

*Giveaway now closed*

The winners have all been contacted and they are - 

@boopsyou @abbiemay31 @eleanormottram @zaravgreen @lilblogofbeauty @thatgirlsarah25 @stylingouk @burningblonde @jinks_karen @jennasuth24 



  1. would love to try this im so sick of being pale x

  2. Great for the winter months when we all look so pale


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