24 Aug 2015

KIKO power pro nail lacquer in red, camelia and fuchsia - review and swatches

KIKO have recently brought out a new range of nail polishes called Power Pro, which promise a salon quality finish that lasts up to 7 days.  I've never got 7 days out of a nail polish ever, so I decided to put these to the test and wore each colour on my nails until it chipped.

Okay so let's get the slight negative out of the way - I didn't get 7 days of wear from these polishes - they all chipped at least a tiny bit by day two.  But don't let that put you off, for some reason, I'm super hard on my nails, and my polish always chips no matter what! 

Aside from questionable longevity on me, these polishes are an absolute joy to use.  They apply really easily, as they have a large brush, and quite a thick but very workable consistency, which makes getting the colour on your nails simple and fast.  I also noticed that they dry very quickly, which is always important to me because I was born with very little patience.  A lot of thought seems to have gone into the application process, as KIKO have include an easy grip handle on the brush, and also a striated rod, which I understand means the brush rod had indentations which help distribute the polish more evenly - clever!

One coat gives an impressive amount of coverage, even with the palest shade I have, which is 02 Camelia.  I did two coats with all of the polishes and got a really even and full coverage result, and because the polish has quite a thick consistency, my nails looked quite plumped up, a bit like a gel polish.  The finish is also super shiny, so I do agree that you get a professional looking result with these polishes.  

The shades I've tried above are 12 red, 13 fuchsia and 02 camelia.  There are 48 different shades available, but I can vouch that these three are all gorgeous and give beautiful results on the nails.

I'm not certain as to whether you're supposed to use a top and base coat with these polishes or not.  I wore base coat under the darker shades to prevent staining, and also tried with and without a topcoat, and didn't notice a difference in wear time with either method, but the polish stayed shiny for longer with the topcoat.   

KIKO Power Pro nail lacquers are available now, and they're just £4.80 each at kikocosmetics.com



  1. Gorgeous colours. I haven't tried nail polishes from Kiko yet. x

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    1. Thanks hun - they're pretty great for the price :)

  2. You should try nail polished from OPI too, they are fantastic

  3. Absolutely gorgeous colours, I haven't seen these polishes around so will definately look out for them. I can be quite hard on my nails as well so usually get some form of chipping!!

    I got your link through 30plusblogs and wanted to stop by and say hello!


  4. Replies
    1. Thanks lovely - such a timeless, classic shade x

  5. These are so pigmented and the colours you have are all stunning. My nail polish never lasts either I just dunno what it is about my nails, even gel manicures don't last as long as they should x

    Beauty with charm

    1. For me I think it's typing, but I'm not sure. I've not had gel / shellac many times, but the ones I've done myself with DIY kits last rather well xx


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