8 Oct 2015

Autumn skincare - Kiehl's newness and old favourites

As autumn creeps in, my skincare routine naturally steps up a gear to prepare for the unfriendly conditions ahead.  Hydrating masques become an essential, and extra layers of hydration are needed daily to combat both the cold outdoor temperatures and the drying effects of central heating.  I’ve been conducting a little review of my current skincare options in preparation for the chilly times approaching, and realised I’m really happy with all of the Kiehl’s products I’ve been using lately, and will be carrying them through to the new season, so I thought I’d share them with you, old and new. 

Recently I was scrambling around in my stash for a facial scrub and could only come up with products designed for polishing the body rather than the face, so I decided it was the ideal time to order the Kiehl’s pineapple papaya face scrub which I’d had my eye on for a while.  Unlike body scrubs, where I’m happy to go to town with the grainiest, roughest scrub around, facial scrubs need to be much gentler on my skin, whilst still being effective at sloughing away dead skin cells.  This scrub fits the bill perfectly, giving a natural scrub which is made with actual pieces of pineapple and papaya within a finely ground, sweet-smelling scrub.  This scrubs leaves my skin feeling super clean, renewed and soft, as it’s also pretty moisturising thanks to the natural mineral oils it contains.  I’d recommend this scrub for even sensitive skins as it’s really gentle, and it smells lovely too.

I’m very naughty when it comes to eye creams – I forget to use one a lot of the time, and I know it’s something I’ll come to regret in the future when I have super crepey eyes and tonnes of crow’s feet!  For me to remember this step in my beauty regime, it’s helpful if I can find a product that I actually enjoy applying, and I think I’ve found that with Kiehl’s creamy avocado eye treatment.  Some eye creams can be a bit watery and lacking in substance, but this one is lovely and thick, and just a tiny amount goes a long way.  Plus I love avocados, so that certainly had a part to play in my interest in trying out this eye cream!

As well as avocado oil, shea butter is a key ingredient in this little pot of wonder, and the cream is packed with antioxidants too.  I really like the texture – I can see and feel exactly where I’ve put it, but it also absorbs into my skin quickly without leaving a greasy texture – it’s creamy but not tacky and just leaves my eye area feeling very well hydrated and de-puffed.  I have very oily lids as standard, so I can’t afford to be layering a greasy product on in that area.  I’ve been getting on really well with this eye cream over summer, and am going to continue using it into autumn and winter, which is when I can really suffer with under-eye dryness. 

I know I’ve talked about this one a lot before, but you’ll have to indulge me once again, as this product is jostling for holy grail status in my beauty drawer.  I wish I’d kept some sort of leader board so that I could be certain, but this could well be my most re-purchased product ever.  After a recent stock-up in the US I’m up to either my sixth or seventh repurchase of this.  Kiehl’s is a US brand, so it’s a fair bit cheaper over there, so well worth stocking up, especially if you spot it in duty free on your return journey like I did. 

I love this moisturiser because it’s super hydrating for my dry patches, but without being too rich on the oilier areas of my face.  It gives my skin a perfect balance, and leaves my face feeling fresh, comfortable and ready for makeup.  I think I really need to switch over to buying this in the larger 125ml size now.

This is another product which I started using in summer and am carrying through to the colder months.  I previously reviewed this daytime skin oil here, and since then I’ve continued to get on really well with the product.  I did have a period when I stopped using the oil when the weather was really hot and sticky, and I didn’t use it on holiday, but for normal conditions, a couple of little drops of this oil gives my skin a much needed hydration and radiance boost without over-greasing or displacing my makeup.  One thing to remember when using this oil is that you need a very small amount – now and again I’ve absent-mindedly slathered on the same amount as I would use of the Midnight recovery oil concentrate for night-time, and my skin was really overloaded and looked super shiny.  When I remember to apply it correctly though, this oil and I are great buddies – it’s especially helpful in drier areas of my face such as the corners of my nose, which can be prone to cracking as the temperatures drop.

Are you changing up your skincare for autumn / winter?



  1. Kiehl's is a brand I've tried only couple of products from but I really want to explore it more. The Ultra Facial Cream sounds like something I'd like to try. x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. I only started using Kiehl's a year or so ago, but I've tried a lot of their products now and really rate them all. Can't recommend ultra facial cream enough!! x

  2. The Ultra Facial cream disappointed me but then again, I have very awkward skin! I would LOVE to try that oil though! xx


    1. Oh no, what a shame! I think I have awkward skin too, but maybe in a different way from yours because it's such a perfect moisturiser for me. Daily revival concentrate is lovely too - hope that one works out for you if you try it xx

  3. Awww, Kiehl's! They make such nice products. My favorites are the yellow body lotion (Creme de Corps?) and the Lip Balm #1.

    For this Winter, I think that I'll just use a simple nighttime moisturizer with retinol at night, and a moisturizing sunscreen that also has vitamin C during the day. I'm going to keep it simple this year!

    1. Sounds like a good plan hun! The creme de corps body lotion is lovely and super effective too. Haven't tried the lip balm though - maybe that'll be next on my hit list =)


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