20 Oct 2015

Models Own Hypergel Twilight collection review and swatches

Arriving home from a lovely holiday is always a bit of a downer, especially when you're faced with back to work blues, sudden cold temperatures and heaps of washing!  The perfect pick me up for me whilst doing all that unpacking was sorting through my post, and opening four beautiful shades from Models Own's new Twilight Hypergel collection...

Models Own have added 13 new autumn shades to their Hypergel range, and I have four of the colours to show off.  Apologies in advance that my nails aren't in great shape - I did a shellac manicure that peeled off during my holiday, oops! 

From top to bottom these shades are robin red, grey storm, deep sea and heather.  All apply really well and give excellent, completely opaque coverage, with that super shiny hypergel finish.

Robin red is a vibrant but easy to wear, creamy red which is going to be great all the way through to Christmas - I love the cute name of this one too.  Grey Storm is a really great shade too - I really like wearing grey on my nails, it's a good neutral colour that makes a nice change from nude tones.  Deep sea is to me a forest green sort of shade rather than the dark blue the name would conjure up - I'm not a huge blue fan, so this rich green is much more me and it's such a perfect colour for this time of year.  Lastly heather is one of those can't-put-your-finger-on-it shades - is it brown, purple, something in between?  In some lights this does lean a little too brown for me, which I don't love, but in normal daylight this dirty mauve looks really classy, and sorry to keep saying it, but so autumnal! 

I think I have some of the best shades from this collection - they're certainly the types of colours that I want to wear at this time of year - but there are nine more to choose from!  

Lunar grey looks like a really pretty shade that's much paler than any of the other greys I own, and I'm a sucker for pink, so cashmere rose might also have to join my stash.

The Models Own Hypergel Twilight collection is available now from Models Own online, the Bottleshops and Superdrug.



  1. I love the glossy finish to these! The first and last are my faves! xx


    1. I love that about the hypergels too - gotta have a glossy nail!

  2. I love all colours, but that red is just to die for! <3

    Check out my blog <3 | ANASOFIACHIC

  3. Heather is such an amazing colour, actually they all are! I love them all. We have a local Models Own stand in my shopping centre and they always have deals on so I'm definitely going to have to check these out.
    Pretty Mad Things .. xo

  4. Ooh I haven't tried this range yet but i just love how glossy they are. Grey Storm & Heather are such gorgeous shades x

    Beauty with charm

    1. I love that about them too - I have so many hypergel polishes because of that! xx


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