22 Dec 2015

Home for Christmas - decorations, tableware and home comforts

Oh my goodness it's Christmas week - Christmas is actually on Friday!  No matter how hard I try to prepare, or how early I start planning, a familiar panic sets in during the final few days leading up to Christmas.  Have I forgotten to buy a gift for someone?  Have I missed a vital item off the grocery list?  Did I get all the neighbours' names right for their cards?  Everything's probably fine, but that little bit of Christmas fretting always happens to me regardless - partly I think it's pure excitement - I still can't sleep on Christmas Eve!

16 Dec 2015

Christmas gift guides 2015 - gifts for men

It's my final gift guide today, and I've saved the trickiest one until last - well I find men the trickiest anyway.  I love buying beauty gifts for all of my female friends and relatives, but the boys in the family can be really awkward to buy for, and very unhelpful when it comes to giving any ideas.  I've gone for a nice mix of practical and fun gifts at lots of different price points, so hopefully something for everyone and no standing in long refund queues come January!

14 Dec 2015

Christmas gift guides 2015 - gifts for her under £20

These gift guides have taken me absolutely bloody ages to put together - I probably shouldn't say that and shouldn't be moaning, but it's just a pre-amble to me wanting to mention just how much I've enjoyed doing them.  Shopping is my number one hobby, and taking photos is starting to feature pretty highly too, so it's been a labour of love let's say!  Today's gift guide is more pressies for her (because we need all the things) but under the £20 mark or thereabouts.


11 Dec 2015

Personalised Christmas gifts from IJustLoveIt.co.uk

In the run up to peak Christmas shopping season, I was contacted by personalised gifts website IJustLoveIt.co.uk to see if I wanted to try out some of their unique gifts.  Considering my shopping list was rather lacking in ticks at this point, it was perfect timing!  There are tonnes of gifts on the site, and it took me a really long time to decide what I wanted to order as there's so much choice - definitely a something for everyone type of site, and lots of quirky things for the hard to buy for people on your list.  Most things can be personalised, but they also have other gifts on there they don't need any names or details added, as I suppose that's not for everyone, although I think it adds such a nice thoughtful touch.  I really liked this fun gin & tonic drink stirrer, the personalised cushions and this adorable Girl's dress keepsake which would be perfect for a little girl's bedroom - I'm keeping this one in mind for when my best friend's daughter is a bit older!


9 Dec 2015

Christmas gift guides 2015 - gifts for her over £25

Following on from my stocking fillers gift guide, we're moving on to slightly more substantial gifts over £25.  There are some of personal favourites that I'm giving and receiving this year, and some rather special makeup palette gifts - because let's face it, they're the ones we're most excited for!


7 Dec 2015

Christmas gift guides 2015 - the stocking fillers

Finally it's time to talk all things Christmas!  I really wanted to start posting my gift guides last week, but what with parcel robbing neighbours and black Friday slowing down deliveries, some of my gifts have been slow to arrive!  I'm still awaiting one or two things for my my other gift guides, so I'm starting with stocking fillers.  I hope this might inspire you for your secret santa, or whoever else you need an extra something for, or maybe you'll just add some of these bits and bobs to your own Christmas wish list - most of them are on mine!

4 Dec 2015

End of Autumn beauty favourites

You may have noticed that I became bored with monthly favourites, and decided to stop doing those sorts of posts a while back.  I found my favourites didn't always change all that much in the space of four weeks, and it was becoming more of a 'what I tried this month' rather than a list of products I loved.  Seasonal favourites four times a year seems much more of a good fit for me, and now as it feels like winter's here (officially I don't think it's supposed to start until 21st December!), I thought it would be good to take a look at what I've been loving during autumn.

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