4 Dec 2015

End of Autumn beauty favourites

You may have noticed that I became bored with monthly favourites, and decided to stop doing those sorts of posts a while back.  I found my favourites didn't always change all that much in the space of four weeks, and it was becoming more of a 'what I tried this month' rather than a list of products I loved.  Seasonal favourites four times a year seems much more of a good fit for me, and now as it feels like winter's here (officially I don't think it's supposed to start until 21st December!), I thought it would be good to take a look at what I've been loving during autumn.

This recent launch from By Terry is a great multi-tasker.  You can use it all over the face as a light coverage foundation, or as a highlighter to illuminate and brighten.  I have the shade 4 rosy beige and have been using the product as a cream highlight under the eyes and down the bridge of the nose and it gives a beautiful glow to dull skin at this time of year.  The click brush packaging works well to distribute just the right amount of product while keeping the rest fresh, but I find the brush a bit big for highlighting, although it's the perfect size if you were using this as a foundation. It's rather pricey, as with all By Terry products, but a really lovely luxury product.

Boring as it may be getting, I can't not mention this staple in my skincare routine.  Ultra facial cream is still my favourite moisturiser, and it seems to carry on working for me throughout the year even though my skin changes with the seasons and weather.  At the moment I'm loving working my way through this super-sized 125ml tub which has been launched in collaboration with Tinie Tempah - £2 from every product sold goes to the MTV Staying Alive charity which helps prevent the spread of HIV.

Not only is this my most worn eyeshadow palette, there's also a colour in here that I've worn countless times, and has been the main component in my favourite autumn eye look.  It's called pure ganache, and in the pan it looks like a dark gold, but on my eyes it takes on a sort of amber quality, and is such an interesting and unusual (for me!) colour.  I like to wear this on the lid with a matte taupe in the crease for a perfect everyday eye with a little extra something.

As much as the name of this product annoys me, it's a damn good mascara, and I've recently bought a back-up tube.  It gives great length and volume with just a few sweeps and very little effort, and unless you're really lashing it on, it doesn't clump either.

Autumn's always when I really get back into lipsticks, and I think will all start reaching for the berry shades once the leaves are falling from the trees.  It's a cute trend that comes around every year, and I'm always happy to get back into it.  I've been trying out some of the shades from Maybelline's color sensational matte range, and the shades Divine Wine, Siren In Scarlet and Nude Embrace have been my favourites for this time of year.  I really like the matte finish on these - I always prefer matte when I go for a darker shade as it makes it all the more wearable, but unlike a lot of mattes, these aren't drying on the lips as they have a creamy texture that makes them feel really comfortable.

It's been a long while since I mentioned a shampoo other than my staple aussome volume from Aussie, but this new shampoo and conditioner has given my hair perhaps a much needed shake-up.  I think they say if you use the same products repeatedly your skin / hair gets used to them and you should change things up.  I don't believe that's always the way, but in the case of shampoo and my hair it seems to hold some truth.  I honestly thought I wouldn't like this shampoo and conditioner combo, as I have very fussy hair, but the shampoo leaves my locks really smooth and much shinier than they've been in ages.  I'd prefer the conditioner to be a little richer, but actually it leaves the ends of my hair nicely moisturised and easy to detangle.  

This is one of those premium beauty items that you know you don't need, but you just really want.  I'd had my eye on this palette for ages, but kept resisting as it does have a pretty high price point for a five shade palette.  Eventually I gave in, and I haven't regretted it as these shadows apply so beautifully, and are easy to wear, neutral colours.  When these first launched I saw some people complaining that the pigmentation and formula wasn't so good, but possibly that varies depending on the colourway you choose, as I've had no issues at all.

I really like the midnight recovery oil, so I decided to buy the matching eye cream too.  I wrongly expected this to be quite an oily consistency because of what I'm used to from using the night oil, but actually it's a cream formula.  It has the same great lavender scent as midnight recovery concentrate, which is really nice to use at nighttime to help you unwind for sleep.  I've been using this both with the midnight recovery concentrate and also when I use Sunday Riley's Luna oil and it seems to be a good combination with both oils, leaving me with less puffiness in the mornings.  Also it's worth mentioning that this little 15ml tube is lasting me ages, as you only need a tiny amount of product.

I decided to start a little collection of Jo Malone fragrances earlier this year - just the smaller 30ml ones, and so far I've accumulated five.  The one I've been wearing the most during autumn is peony and blush suede - this may have had something to do with me being ever so sad when peony season was over for another year!  

I really like Vichy skincare as it has a lovely comforting feel, that lovely suncream scent, and it always seems to work well with my combination skin.  I introduced Skin Sleep into my routine during autumn as it's when my skin starts to become drier, and can look rough and fatigued.  Skin Sleep, as the name might suggested, is designed to make your skin look rested, like you've had a good night's sleep.  I really like using this night cream as it has an unusual gel-balm consistency to it, and as you work it into the skin you can give your face a bit of a massage, which can be really relaxing.  You also only need a small amount of product due to the texture.  In the morning I do always notice a fresher look to my skin when I've used this, which is always a welcome sight!

What were your autumn favourites?


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