28 Feb 2016

Mother's Day luxury avalanche rose bouquet from Debenhams Flowers and25% off discount code!

Mother's Day is much earlier than usual this year, it literally snuck up on me, so this is your one week warning!  My birthday is in  mid-March, and usually Mother's day is the week after my birthday, so I've actually managed to book to be away over Mother's Day weekend without realising.  Ooops, sorry Mum!  I think all will be forgiven fairly easily, because I have these gorgeous Mother's Day blooms from Debenhams Flowers to make up for it!

I picked out the designer luxury pink and white rose bouquet which is teaming with sweet pink and white avalanche roses and they're super gorgeous.  I think mine even look nicer in real life than the image on the Debenhams site!  

The flowers are delivered boxed, by courier, and come wrapped in white Debenhams tissue and plastic and tied with a bow.  They don't come with a vase (although there is an option to add one to your order as well as things like wine, chocolates and even a balloon or teddy bear) so the stems are packed tightly into a little plastic box containing an absorbent material soaked in water.  This keeps the flowers going in transit, but I'd recommend putting them straight into a vase of fresh water as soon as they arrive.  Flower food is supplied with the delivery, and you should snip the ends of your flowers so that they soak up the water and food better.

I used to work in a Florist as a Saturday job when I was young, so I really love flowers and like to have a go at arranging my own, as I *think* I know what I'm doing.  I was going to pop these into a fish bowl type vase like the picture on the website, but I decided I'd need to cut the rose down a lot, so instead I've put them in this long, tall vase which I think makes them look really elegant.  

If you're planning to treat your Mum next Sunday with some Mother's Day flower arrangements you can get a whopping 25% off the Debenhams Flowers range with my discount code - DFBLOG25.  It's valid on all bouquets apart from the 'flowers by post' range (most come by courier).  

Although I would recommend the gorgeous avalanche roses I have here, there are lots of options to choose from, and hopefully they stock your Mum's favourite bloom.  The bouquets are delivered by courier next-day, or you can select your delivery date and time - perfect if you want them to arrive direct with your Mum on Sunday before you tuck into your roast :) 


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