19 Feb 2016

Vichy Dermablend high coverage foundation and setting powder review

I love a high coverage foundation, it's like a personal safety blanket for my face, and I'm always looking for the perfect match in terms of colour, staying power, and believable texture on the skin.  Vichy make the Dermablend range which is designed to cover up everything from scars to tattoos, so you could say they know a thing or two about coverage, and it seemed about time I gave their foundation a try.

I've been trying out the Dermablend fluid corrective foundation in the shade 25 nude, alongside the Dermablend setting powder to go over the top.  I wanted to try these to generally cover up redness on my face and any other blemishes to achieve a more even and flawless looking makeup base.  My Mum also decided to give this range a go, but for totally different reasons - she has vitiligo on her neck, which is a condition where you lose all of the pigment from patches of your skin and are left with a pure white area.  My Mum has very pale skin anyway, so I don't tend to notice the patches she has, but she's very conscious of them and wanted to try something to conceal that patchiness and even everything out, she went for the lightest shade, 05 porcelain.

My experience with this foundation had been great.  I can get a really good level of coverage with one layer, and it doesn't look or feel heavy at all.  I still use concealer alongside it on blemishes and under my eyes, and together I get a really even result.  My skin can be very fussy about foundation, especially in winter and I have both dry / dehydrated and oily patches, so this foundation works much better for me than  expected, and I've been using it every day since I first tried it.  I'll definitely be repurchasing this when I run out - it's a 30ml tube and has SPF 30, so I think it's really well priced at £18.

The foundation comes in eight shades, which actually doesn't seem like a huge number, although some brands have even less.  I'm lucky in that I have a very average skintone and can always find a good match - 05 nude is a perfect shade for me.  My Mum however found that the palest shade of 05 porcelain was still too dark for her, and she also felt the foundation didn't apply well to her very dry skin, so she was left with a patchy finish in both colour and texture.  I'm going to get her to try some of the Body Shop lightening drops with her shade, to see if we can get a better colour match, and maybe a primer would help with getting the foundation to sit right.

I've been using the Dermablend setting powder on top of my foundation, as although the foundation itself offers 16 hour wear, foundations don't always last so well on me and I feel much more confident having set my skin with a powder.  This one's really great as it's a lightweight, loose powder that's totally transparent, so you can just lightly sweep it over the skin as a final step, and there's no danger of your skin looking overly powdery, which is never the look I'm after.  My only issue with the foundation and or the setting powder is that they're not able to stop shine breaking through on my face by the afternoon, although that said, my foundation still stays in place well all day, and that's sometimes a rarity with other products!

The Vichy Dermablend range is available at Boots.

Do you use high coverage foundations?  Which is your favourite?


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