25 Feb 2016

Zoeva spectrum palette review and swatches - nude and coral

Zoeva brushes and palettes usually make me come over all heart-eyed-emoji at the best of times, so when I first spotted the Spectrum collection I was ready to place an order instantly.  I don't know what it is about how Zoeva have presented these new blush and eye palettes, but they're so god damn alluring!  The eye palettes in particular have such a dreamy combination of colours and textures, and they're in three very wearable colour collections - cool, warm and nude.  There was no question that nude needed to be winging its way to me, and you can't have a product getting lonely on the journey, so I decided to treat myself to one of the blush palettes too, because they're almost as gorgeous.

I think we need to start off with a few 'oooh' and 'aaahhh' noises, because this palette is utter perfection.  It's like Zoeva have been stalking my makeup collection, sussing out which colours are my go-to shades, and then mixing in a few extra which they think will suit me and compliment the others well.  The shades are so me it's like I picked them out myself, and the combination of different finishes and textures is spot on too.  That dusky pink-lilac shade (ND070) just had to be a matte, and equally that rich, deep copper (ND090) would only get an outing on me as a soft shimmer.  As well as an excellent choice of textures, the shades range all the way from light to dark and soft to smoky, making this such a versatile palette for every day as well as special occasions.  I bloody love it!

If you're wondering, I'd say the quality of the shadows and the way they apply and blend, is exactly the same as the eye shadows in the usual collection palettes (I have cocoa blend and rose golden for comparison).  They're easy to work with and very long lasting.

Also in the spectrum collection you'll find a cool and warm palette option.  They also really appeal to me, as both contain a lot of very lovely neutrals, but also have a couple of colour pops in each.  If I were to pick up a second palette from this collection - and that is a strong possibility - I'd probably go for the warm palette.

I'm not a fan of single blushes really.  Unless it's Nars, I can't be bothered to faff around with individual blush colours, and I'm broadly the same with eyeshadows - maybe I like a nice little curated collection of colours, or perhaps it's a more is more kind of greed!  Single products also take up too much space, so for many reasons, I'm always drawn to a blush palette, and this Zoeva quad is no exception.  I had a hard time choosing between the options of coral, and pink - nude didn't seem for me as I do like to pop something bright-ish on my cheeks.  In the end I opted for coral spectrum, as the four shades in the palette give quite a wide range of hues, and in person they're all beautiful colours.  

The palette contains one shimmer shade and three mattes, ranging from a pale peach to a full on deep coral.  Left to right in my swatch we start with a rose-toned coral with a gold shimmer, it's sort of that Nars orgasm type shade, but on a more toned down, less red and more coral level.  The hint of shimmer is just enough and it's really illuminating on the skin.  Next is our boldest coral shade in the palette - this colour us really bold and would look amazing on a deeper skintone - for those with fairer skin a light hand is all you need to achieve a much less intense hue than I've gone for here in the swatch.  The third shade is possibly the least wearable for me, as it's quite a pale peach that doesn't show up so well on my skin - for me this is one to blend with the other shades to make my own unique combination.  And lastly the baby pink coral, which is lovely now, but will make such a gorgeous spring/summer blush shade for me - it's that perfect pink that's incredibly flattering when worn as a light flush.  All of these shades are very heavily pigmented, so you can choose how much to apply to get your desired intensity, and you need so little that these are going to last for absolutely ages.  Well worth it in my opinion.  

You can find the Zoeva Spectrum collection at beauty bay, or direct from Zoeva.  


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