30 Mar 2016

REN instant brightening beauty shot eye lift review

The REN Instant Brightening Beauty Shot Eye Lift (a very grand name for an eye cream!) has recently launched, and with a promise like 'eye lift' in the title, of course I was going to want to try it out...

Beauty Shot Eye Lift has been designed to brighten and lift the eye area instantly, yes instantly.  It's a gel type serum which contains light reflecting pigments to illuminate the eye area and detract from any darkness.  It contains hyaluronans to hydrate, plump and tighten the skin.  So does it really work instantly...?  Actually it really does, which is so refreshing for an eye product.  Although the tightening and brightening you see right away is a temporary effect, it makes a real change from religiously using an eye product in the hope that you might start to see some results within a few months - perhaps it's just my impatience, but it's a big deal for me to really be able to see that a product is working at least on some level, and it gives me confidence that the other benefits  promised (reduction of lines and dark circles in this case) will arrive over time.

I had a real wow moment when I first tried the Beauty Shot Eye Lift, excitedly throwing it on over makeup I'd been wearing all day.  But, under make up, sadly this just doesn't work for me.  I have the kind of awkward skin that will reject makeup freely if I've not prepped with the right moisturisers and primers for my skin type.  On the occasions that there's something to upset the usual balance, my concealer or foundation will be almost repelled during application and will ball up into little bits all over my face.  Unfortunately that's exactly what happens to me with both the eye lift and the beauty shot for the whole face if I apply them before foundation, so unless I work out a more successful method I'm resigned to wearing them over makeup or at night.  That being said though, the Beauty Shot eye lift works brilliantly (I'd dare say better even) over makeup.  It's the way that I first tried it, and I really felt that instant tightening under my eye that attacked puffiness and had me instantly sold on the product.  You need to use a teeny tiny amount, and should just pat it gently under and around the eye with your ring finger, and obviously don't rub if you're applying over makeup!

There are plenty of eye serums and creams that I can put on under makeup with fewer effects, so I've been happily putting this on after my concealer and foundation has been blended and settled.  It's worth saying that if you don't usually have an issue with getting your makeup to settle and have never experienced a product balling up like when you used to peel PVA glue off your hands at primary school - don't pretend you didn't -  then you'll probably be fine with this.  I have particularly fussy skin.  

A lot of products that claim to work over makeup actually don't on me, so I'm pleased that this is finally something which I can apply during the day knowing that I'm not going to encounter a makeup disaster.  It's perfect for keeping in my handbag to put on during the day to pep up tired eyes whether it's after work or being on a plane - any situation that causes the eyes to look tired and puffy really.  

The Instant Firming Beauty Shot is the big sister product to the eye version, and it's for the whole face.  It works on a very similar principle to achieve the same sort of benefits.  Both Beauty Shot products are available now at £30 (eye lift) and £36 each direct from REN.


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