23 Mar 2016

Travel: Romantic log cabin weekend in Norfolk with Forest Holidays

On the weekend of Mother's Day I was a very bad daughter and went away with Dan to stay in a log cabin in the woods!  In my defence, when I booked this trip back in December I had no idea that it was over Mother's day as it was much earlier than usual this year!  I've not been on this kind of break before, but we had such a great, relaxing time, so I thought I'd share some photos and tell you a bit about what we got up to at Thorpe Forest.

We stayed at Forest Holidays in Thorpe Forest, Norfolk and opted for one of the Golden Oak cabins.  It was just the two of us so we had a one bedroom cabin, but also had a bathroom, living room, kitchen and patio area, so actually the space felt massive!  As we'd gone for Gold Oak our cabin came with a wood burning fire which kept us beyond cozy - despite it being early March and still very wintery outside, we frequently felt hot and had to turn the heating down!  And also with our cabin type we had our own private hot tub on our patio.  I was really apprehensive about using it for the first time as temperatures outside were pretty brutal, but you just have to make a run for it!  It's so worth it once you're lounging in the steaming water whilst looking up at the trees and stars above.  The hot tub was spotlessly clean and seemed really new, and it was good to see your tub getting checked and maintained early every morning.  You get a little yellow rubber duck in your tub, and when he's sitting on top of the cover you know it means your hot tub has been cleaned.

Being out in the forest was so lovely and relaxing, and we really enjoyed going for walks on the trails and looking out for animals.  We did a night time guided tour where you can see animals like deer and owls.  We were lucky enough to briefly spot a deer that night, and then on our last morning, we saw one passing right next to our cabin, which was amazing!

I've never been to a Centre Parcs, but I have the perception that it would be a much bigger and busier complex with lots of noise and kids, and also I feel like it's geared towards much sportier types than me!  Forest Holidays is similar in that you're out in a beautiful woodland area, but everything is on a smaller scale, and although there are lots of other cabins nearby, including families, everything was so tranquil, and when you went for a walk in the woods you only very occasionally came across other people.  Great for anti-social types like us, ha!

While we were staying in the forest we took a few trips out nearby, and we visited Bury St Edmunds and the Abbey ruins next to the Cathedral.  I'm so much more interested in history now than when I was at school, and find it really fascinating to wander around places that are hundreds of years old, imagining how different life would have been.  It must be a sign that I'm getting old!

We really enjoyed out weekend in the forest and loved our cozy little log cabin and hot tub.  I'd definitely recommend this for a romantic weekend away, and we really want to do something like this again in the near future.

Forest Holidays have a variety of locations in the UK, so not just Norfolk, and although the accommodation can seem quite pricey, I think it's worth it.  It's also really popular and you do need to book in advance - lots of the dates we tried were completely sold out, and we had to be quite flexible to get the type of cabin we wanted.  

Have you been on a break like this before? What's your favourite weekend away?


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