19 Apr 2016

Finally, a hands-free hairdryer, and it's a game changer!

I've never been one of those people that's just naturally good at doing their hair.  I can't french-plait, I can't fish-tail, and I certainly haven't mastered the art of the round brush bouncy blow dry, always blaming it on the fact that I just don't have enough hands for the job.  It was a good few years ago that I remember first moaning about needing a hands-free hairdryer for this exact issue, and now it's actually a reality!

Sam Faiers from Towie has collaborated with Carmen on a range of hair tools include straighteners and a curling device, but to me the real standout innovation here is the hands-free hairdryer - say goodbye to heavy hair dryer induced arm ache people!

Now this hairdryer truly is hands-free - although it does come with a handle attachment if you want to use it as a traditional hair dryer, but I really can't think why you'd want to do that!  I can stand the dryer up on my dressing table (it has little suckers on the base to keep it in place) and sit in front of it while it dries my hair, needing to do no more than turn for each side / the back of my hair, and to add a bit of product and give my hair a brush.  Now of course if I'm feeling fancy, I can use my new found hand-freedom to style my hair, maybe to add volume at the roots or to curl under the ends, but if not, I can happily sit there scrolling instagram while my hair dries - this is a new level of multi-tasking!

With the dryer you have the option of attaching the concentrator nozzle or diffuser, and you have a choice of three heat and two speed settings, plus cool shot.  The dryer is 2000 watts too, so there's no compromising on power or drying time in exchange for hands-free styling, and it includes ionic technology to smooth the hair as it dries.

I'm so impressed with this dryer, and find it hard to believe that it's not been done before - such a simple solution to a common problem! I'm currently enjoying being speedier in the morning due to being hands-free while my hair dries, but I really should take advantage of having two hands available and perfect that voluminous Towie hair technique! 

The Hands Free Hairdryer from Carmen by Samantha is available now, and it's £49 direct from Carmen here alongside the other products in her range.  


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