19 May 2016

My spring beauty wish list

Believe it or not I went through a bit of a phase during winter where I didn't buy any makeup.  I hadn't put myself on a spending ban or anything like that, there just wasn't anything that was ringing my want or need radar.  Come spring however, my makeup spidey-senses awoke with a a vengeance, and apparently I need all of the makeup all over again!  Some of the bits entered my wish list when they were only available in the US, so I spent a while filling a Sephora basket, checking the postage and customs charges, laughing and un-filling it again sharpish!  Knowing that I was not far away from my Dubai holiday (it's finally here now and I go on Saturday!!!) I thought it was probably sensible to see what the Sephora there stocks and how the prices weigh up compared to a US to UK online order.

First up this beautiful library of matte nude everything from Morphe has been calling my name for a while.  I actually decided to buy it a couple of times and found it was out of stock, so it's clearly a popular choice.

Matte liquid lipsticks are just the shiz at the moment aren't they?  There's not really anything else I'm attracted to in the lip department right now and it probably has a lot to do with the fact that I gave up trying to get hold of a Kylie Lip Kit and decided to go the dupe route instead.  Not that these are dupes of those necessarily, but the swatches I've seen on blogs look nice enough.  My in-store swatching experience however has not lived up to expectation, and since I popped these onto my wishlist I think they've been surpassed by some other liquid lippies that have a better colour range.

How could you not be mesmerised by this highlighter palette?  I absolutely need this in my life, and although it seems pricey at £39, the pans are huge and this would probably last me an eternity.  I do still fancy swatching this IRL before I commit, so holding out hope that I'll get that opportunity in Dubai.

I've had this nude Beauty Blender in both my Sephora and Cult Beauty baskets I think, and now even Boots are selling Beauty Blender, although only the pink one from what I can see.  I'd like to try a Beauty Blender finally to see what the hype is about, and whether it's any better than my beloved Real Techniques sponges, and I fancy getting the nude one because  but I've heard the dye in the pink one can run when you wash it.  Not sure if that's true, but the nude one seems like it would look less gross when covered in foundation and would be simpler to clean.

Another giant highlighter palette... I know I know, but this one's different, and it's called 'skin twinkle' which is enough to make me need it in my life.  Last time I checked QVC didn't have this yet (assuming they will get it as some point as they have other bits from the Rainforest of the Sea collection?) so this is sitting on the wishlist until I can get my hands on it, possibly via Sephora.  I have the Rainforest of the Sea eyeshadow palette and it's totally dreamy, so I have high hopes for the rest of the range - I should definitely share some swatches of that asap.

More liquid lipsticks, and probably the ones that are on everyone's wishlist.  Some of the major makeup queens I follow on instagram wear these and they look absolutely stunning - Pure Hollywood and Soft Lilac really stand out to me as being the colours I need to get.  I like Milkshake too, but I think it'd be too pale for me and I've seen people say it's patchy.  I'm holding out hope that I can swatch these in Dubai, as at around £20 each, it's a bit risky to go ahead and order these online.

Finally something on my wish list that I've actually committed to buying!  I've recently ordered a couple of these online from Boots after failing to find them on the stands at any stores - they have the other NYX lip products but just not these for some reason.  I've gone for two of the more pink toned nudes, so I'll update you on how I get on when they arrive.  I also popped a couple of the Sleek Matte Me lip glosses into my order too, as although the name would suggest otherwise, they're apparently really great liquid lipsticks.

The swatches of this elusive palette are absolutely to die for, and the shadows smell like peaches!  Unfortunately this one is really hard to get hold of - I don't think Debenhams have had it in yet (unless I blinked and missed it?) and it's even sold out on the Too Faced website by the looks of things - they do ship to the UK but it's bloody expensive!  I think this one may have to sit on the wishlist maybe until I go to New York later this year, or until Makeup Revolution bring out a dupe - whichever comes first!

What's at the top of your beauty wish list?


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