7 May 2016

Urban Decay Summer 2016 collection review and swatches

Oh my goodness I've had such a busy week... this post was supposed to go up on Monday and I've literally been writing it in my head every day as I sit and do my makeup before work.  I have my holiday to Dubai coming up in less than two weeks now (whooop!) so lots of prep for that has been going on, plus being on the Slimming World plan takes a lot of planning and time cooking things from scratch, and I've had a boot fair and big charity makeup sale to do, plus this week I've been stressing about a slightly unsuccessful trip to get my hair done and I'm going back later today for some tweaking.  So yeah, lots going on for me and I am prone to being a little bit of a stress ball sometimes, so not being able to write this post this week has been freaking me out!  Anyway, finally here we are, let's look at some of Urban Decay's lush summer collection for 2016.

Firstly of course you can't mix the luxe packaging here - that highlighter compact in particularly is just so beautiful and perfect - you can just see the colour peeping through the mesh effect of the UD - gorgeous.  The beached bronzer has such cute packaging too with super apt summery palm trees!  So as part of the summer range Urban Decay have launched their new One & Done hybrid complexion perfector in six shades, two new bronzer colours, the After Glow highlighter in three shades, and also two new 24/7 liners.  

Everybody is raving about this new foundation come primer product, and I can see why as the texture is lovely, and for something that's closer maybe to a BB cream than a foundation, you get a lot of coverage.  It evens out skintone and blurs pores whilst also promising to help shrink pores over time - I definitely need me some of that!  Unfortunately as you can see I don't have my shade to play with - the last swatch on the right above is the One & Done in deep, which is the darkest shade this comes in.  I'd probably need the medium-light shade, so I've not tried this on my face of course, but I do really like the look of the texture and I think this is something that would work well for me in the summer when you don't want a thick feeling full face of foundation.  Alongside this launch Urban Decay are also extending their shade range on their Naked concealers with five more in-between shade colours - I already have the shade medium-light and really rate it for coverage and staying power, so look out for those too if you've not previously been able to find a good match for your skin.

Urbay Decay 24/7 liner - heartless - £15.50
If you've never tried one of Urban Decay's 24/7 liners before for your waterline, you really don't know what you're missing!  I have these in so many colours and always stock up when they bring out sets at Christmas.  Not many liners go the distant on my waterline, and have usually disappeared before I've even finished my makeup, but not these little suckers - they cling on like crazy!  I don't use these on my upper lash line as I have very oily lids and can only use waterproof liquid liners, but they're my favourite for the waterline.  The summer range sees two new shades being added - heartless, which is the frosty pink shade I have here (first in the swatch) and also walk of shame which is a brilliant nude colour for giving you that more awake and wide eyed look.  I'm not 100% as to when I'll be wearing heartless as an eyeliner as I think it would maybe more suit someone with lighter hair and eyes, but it works well as an inner corner highlight.

Urban Decay Beached Bronzer - £20 - bronzed 
The beached bronzer comes in a handy mirrored compact with two shades to choose from - sunkissed for a more medium toned bronzer, and beached, which is a darker bronze.  I have the shade beach which is shown above third in the swatch, and it's a perfect colour for me to bronze or contour with.  It's beautifully matte, not too dark on me, and not orange either.  I've been using this non-stop for my contour since I first got my hands on it and I'm loving it - it last really well all day on the skin too.

Lastly my favourite of the bunch - this highlighter is just a little bit of heaven for your face, and you couldn't tempt this out of my clutches for anything.  Alongside the beached bronzer I've been using this constantly since I got it, and the reason I think I love it so much is that it's a pretty fool-proof highlighter even for the chronically heavy-handed like me!  It has no chunky, glittery bits - it glides onto the skin in a very seamless way - you don't really see the highlighter itself in terms of texture - you just get a strong, but not over-powering glow.  I've been applying this with a duo fibre blush brush, lightly dusting it along my cheek bones and under my brow.  I'll also put a little down the bridge of my nose depending on how well my foundation's gone that day, as highlighters can draw attention to large pores sometimes.  Sin is certainly my favourite shade - it's like a pale gold champagne colour, but the two other options also look gorgeous - Aura is more of a baby pink, and Fireball is a peach shade which I think could be amazing on tanned skin.  

So what do you think of the new summer products from Urban Decay?  Is there anything you'll be picking up?  Today's a gorgeous sunny day (finally!), so I think I'm going to dust on an extra layer of the afterglow highlighter in Sin, and get out there!


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